Welcome, I’m Lisa Rhinehart! I capture unique stories through creative photography.

With over 10 years of professional photography experience, I’ve documented hundreds of weddings, portraits & businesses in PA, DC, NYC and all over the USA. I capture not just the outside (how things look), but the inside (how they feel)—I know, tricky ;).

I’ve been ranked as one of the top 25 wedding photographers in the USA for 6 years in a row now, and I’d love to work with you!


Loch Nairn Wedding Photography: Stef & Jake

Take a step into Loch Narin and it’s beautiful country side. This wedding included remarkable color, decor and an atmosphere of joy and celebration– all of this united by a tree that was rumored to be planted by William Penn.

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Lakewood Wedding Photography: Kathleen & Jeff

Kathleen & Jeff had a true party atmosphere complete with a party bus, signature drinks and a live orchestra, but also very intimate moments with family members and friends that I’m sure neither of them will ever forget. Even I get a little emotional when I think of her Uncles walking her down the isle.

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Raystown Lake Wedding: Robyn & Tim

They roasted marshmallows in fire pits to create s’mores, held a roving rendition of the traditional polish wedding dance and had an actual stuffed moose observing their unique cocktail hour which included a chef sautéing over an open flame, a mashed potato bar, sushi and more.

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