Back to my roots: Nature Photography

I love the outdoors.  Before I fell head over heels for weddings, I spent my time photographing nature.  Most of which was found on favorite trails or in my own backyard garden.  Basic exposing and composing of mostly inanimate objects gave me a firm foundation and some pretty cool experiences.

Some of my early photography won awards…




others sold well in galleries…




Several found homes on my walls




One thing that surprised judges, gallery visitors, and photographers alike: these were all taken with a point and shoot camera (canon power shot).

This leads to a pretty big question: Why do I own such expensive equipment now if I can get good results with a camera that cost 1% of my current set-up and is way easier to carry?  Here is the answer:  to capture great images on a point and shoot, everything has to be perfect, to get consistently great photos on demand in any lighting condition and producing photos that look exquisite even when substantially enlarged, you need to invest in gear that allows maximum control and captures extremely high quality images as well as invest the time into learning how to use it.
To answer a question I hear asked even more, “I see a good photo: is the photographer good or is it just a person who bought a good camera?” I can tell you the simple answer, which I’m sure you already know– a great camera certainly helps, but in the end, it is the photographer.

2 thoughts on “Back to my roots: Nature Photography”

  1. Wow Lisa! I can’t believe that these were all taken with a point and shoot! How did you get such amazing detail? I’m still working on learning how to use my new SLR, and am saving up for a good macros lens…just in an effort to get shots similar to these! I must tell you that your photography is a true inspiration 🙂

  2. Thanks 🙂 The Canon power shot can capture great detail if the conditions are right and you know how to use the settings you have creatively to get the exposure you want. Try shooting on an overcast day without a particular subject in mind, just look for beauty and capture it. You will get much more detailed and reliable results with a SLR, I started with the 60mm macro and was just amazed with the results.

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