High School Seniors
You be you!

I am all about people being authentically true to themselves.  I’ll capture what you look like, but more importantly who you are: your interests, style, personality, favorite places and activities– everything that makes you unique.  

I take time to get to know people so that I can capture their true colors on camera.  Leaving you with heirloom quality photographs, albums and other products that will last for generations to come.


Experience your senior photography
through my eyes

Experience your senior photography through my eyes

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You be you

I’m up for photographing you doing your thang- capturing your passions, style, personality & favorite places and activities in a way that is uniquely you!  Here are a few blog posts to give you an inea of some of the people I’ve photographed in the past…

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Would you believe me if I said a majority of my seniors worry about this? Don’t worry. I don’t expect you to be a professional model. First of all, I’ll take some time to get to know you first, we’ll chose a location and look that makes you feel comfortable. We'll also plan to have plenty of time, so you won't feel rushed.  When I do start taking photos, the process is laid back. I’ll find the most beautiful lighting and scenery and give you easy instructions, asking you to move  in ways that allow me to capture you in a flattering way. When viewing your finished photos, you'll probably say something like, "OMG this me, who knew I was so cool/fun/cute/interesting?"   At least, this has been my experience so far!

Of Course you are! I'll take time to get to know you and suggest ideas as early as our first meeting.  I have worked with high school seniors who are into sports, films, reading, gaming, traveling, their pets, skiing, shopping, potential career interests, music, off-roading and so much more! I can't wait to capture photos that are uniquely you!

Awwww first off thank you for following me for all this time!  You are not alone, this actually happens a lot-- I've worked with high school seniors that said they knew they wanted to hire me for a few years. Because I photograph each senior portrait session personally, and take a good amount of time to edit photos, design albums, blog sessions etc, my calendar is limited.  If your heart is set on working together, your best bet is to reach out and say something like, "I'm I will be graduating in (insert your year) and am hoping to have photos taken in (insert your season(s) of choice, if you have a preference) and ask me what dates I have open.  This sort of flexibility basically ensures that we will be able to work together yay!!!   

Absolutely!  If you book me, I will be the photographer. I do not assign different photographers to my clients. All of the images on my site were shot by me personally, and are not a compilation of dozens of photographers’ best work. When you book me, what you see is what you get–quality artisanship and personal attention.

I am able to photograph anything really, and literally custom taylor my coverage to meet your unique needs.  I typically focus on getting an eclectic mix of photos that tell your personal story.  Everything from architectural or environmental shots that capture your unique location to the tiniest details, from a candid moment of wind-blown laughter to traditional portraits for your grandma to proudly display and LOTS of good stuff for your social media profile and feed.   I really I love diversity and am up for whatever!

I typically photograph high school seniors after school on weekdays and love to include sunset when I'm able to.  Usually they reach out to me with the season they are interested in (if they have a preference) and I notify them of all available dates on my calendar so they are able to find a time that suits them best.

Don't worry!  I've photographed so many high school senior portraits that I have a good idea of how much time different things take in terms of changing outfits, locations, and fitting in different concepts, so I can give you a really good idea of how all of that will work and come up with a basic schedule prior to the photography session.  

Sure is!  I've been a professional photographer for over ten years.  I still have to pinch myself sometimes that I get to do something that is so much fun on a daily basis!  Most senior portrait photographers do this in addition to a full time job.  By hiring me, you know that this is my full-time occupation and that you and you will get my full attention.  

Anywhere.  While you've probably noticed most of my work is close-ish to home: DC, NYC, Pennsylvania etc Photography has also taken me to Nashville, Niagara Falls, Outer Banks and many other locations.  I've been asked to go much farther-- Europe, South America, the UK, Central America, etc.  While I wasn't ready then, my kids were little, they are older now, so I'm game if you are! 

Lots of great stuff! Check it out here.

Now!  If your heart is set on working together, your best bet is to reach out and say something like, "I will be graduating in (insert your year) and am hoping to have photos taken in (insert your season(s) of choice, if you have a preference) and ask me what dates I have open.  This sort of flexibility basically ensures that we will be able to work together yay!!!   

Easy!  Just contact me and we'll arrange a time to get to know each other and ensure that we are a perfect match.  Making it official is easy, too--  everything can be done on-line and takes about ten minutes! Click here to contact me!

Every Package Includes

Yes, I personally photograph each high-school senior that I book.  I do not assign different photographers within my company. All of the images on my site were shot by me personally, and are not a compilation of dozens of photographers’ best work. I spend at least 2 hours with each senior.  Over the years I have found that this is the minimum time needed to authentically capture your true colors and interests.  When you book me, what you see is what you get–  quality artisanship and personal attention.

*Every package* comes with an album of some sort!  You’ll have something that can become a part of your family history, no matter how technology changes through the years.   I want you to have finished, heirloom quality artwork that you can touch and experience with all of your senses. For you, your family, and the generations to follow. Regardless of how technology changes throughout time.

I carefully distill dozens of digital files into a tangible book.  I’ll personally custom design your album to tell your unique story.  During your design consult, you’ll get to make any changes you’d like before we send it off to print.  There are so many different cover options some vibrant and bold, some soft and neutral, Silks, Vegan options and more!  

I know it's common for photographers to only edit the shots for the blog and give clients the un-edited "b-roll," but it's important to me to give you "all the moments" even if it takes some serious time and effort on my part.  During a typical senior portrait session, I might only blog 12 shots, but deliver 100 photos.  That is a lot of extra time and attention spent perfecting exposure, crop, white balance etc on each image, but I have heard from many past clients that it means so much to them, so it is worth it for me!

Yes, I include this with every package.  I take the time to get to know you and work with you to find ways to incorporate your interests, personality, favorite locations and personal style into your senior portrait session.  We  leave our conversation with a solid idea of what to wear and bring, when to arrive and what to expect the day of the session.  

Your on-line gallery displays your full set of high-resolution, polished photos.  You are able to view, download, or purchase prints directly from the site.  My site is directly connected to my favorite printer in San Francisco who also use the best quality archival inks, papers etc.  Watermarks and copyright information will not appear on downloads or prints.  You are able to use your digital files to create your own graduation announcements etc. because this also includes your personal print release.

I realize this is a once-in-a-lifetime event for you, and I don't take chances with your memories.  I have multiple cameras, lenses, batteries, etc. just in case of technical difficulties of any kind.   After working as a professional photographer for over ten years, I can tell you, this is important and something I've had to use.  It is a big investment on my part, but something that I'm happy to do for my clients.

Package one includes all of the items mentioned above for $1950. I also have a "start small" option that is $950 for a one-hour session. Contact me to learn more about packages & al la carte menu options.