Micro Weddings
Small wedding, big memories!

I am all about couples being authentically true to themselves.  If you are someone who is looking for small wedding coverage, I’m your girl!

What most people realize with smaller events is that the photos are that much more important, since many of their close friends and family members will not be in attendance, this is how they will experience the event, through their wedding photographer’s eyes.  

I’ll capture more than what you two look like, but who you are, how you feel, the full beauty of the locations that mean so much to you.  I take the time to get to know my couples so that they feel comfortable and so that I can capture their true colors on camera.  Leaving you with heirloom photographs and albums that will last for generations to come.

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Experience your wedding photography
through my eyes

Experience your wedding photography through my eyes

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Which fits You?

I’m up for photographing any type of wedding you have planned. Below are the three types people generally reach out to me about.  I have different packages for each and you’ll have the ability to customize any package to exactly fit you and your situation.  

intimate wedding

These are small wedding events.  It’s typically the couple and less than 20 of their closest loved-ones.  I’m seeing many of these lately.  Starting at $2,000



The couple, wedding officiant, and me there to capture it all.  I love the incredible intimacy and flexibility of these sorts of events.   Starting at $1500



These can be scheduled at any time or anywhere, and might be planned as a way to high-quality wedding portraits at a special location or time.  Starting at $1500

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Would you believe me if I said a majority of my couples worry about this? Don’t worry. I don’t expect you to be professional models. First of all, I’ll take some time to get to know you first, we’ll choose a location and look that makes you feel comfortable. We'll also plan to have plenty of time, so no one feels rushed.  When I do start taking photos, the process is laid back. I’ll find the most beautiful lighting and scenery and give you easy instructions, asking you to move and interact together in ways that allow me to capture candid moments in a flattering style. There will be times when you probably forget I’m right there. When viewing your finished photos, you'll probably say something like, "OMG this is us, in love and happy, who knew we were so cute/cool/fun?"   At least, this has been my experience so far!

Micro weddings can be photographed on any day of the week.  This helps them to be much more affordable than traditional full wedding coverage.  Significant discounts are offered for photo sessions that are held during my normal business hours, Monday through Thursday.  

I am able to photograph anything really, and literally custom taylor my coverage to meet your unique needs.  I typically focus on capturing authentic moments as they occur and creative portraits, as well as an eclectic mix of photos that tell your personal story.  Everything from architectural shots that capture your unique location to the tiniest details, from candid preparations and the first look (if you want one), to traditional family portraits, and even 'happily ever after' vibes at the end of the night.   I have photographed many unique ethnic traditions, people's beloved pets, certain family heirlooms, really I love diversity and am up for whatever!

Of Course!  I take time to get to know you and suggest ideas as early as our first meeting.  I can't wait to capture photos that are uniquely you!

Don't worry!  I've literally photographed hundreds of weddings and seen so many different ways to personalize your coverage.  I meet with each couple and find out what their priorities are for photos and help them to create a basic wedding day timeline to accomplish those goals in a way that is realistic and low-stress.  They leave that meeting knowing exactly when to have hair and make-up finished, if a first look is a good fit for them, and knowing that they have time to get all of the photos that they want.  Oh, not only that but we usually do it over a few drinks or bite to eat, so it's fun and laid back.  

Absolutely!  If you book me, I will be the photographer assigned to your event. I do not assign different photographers to my clients. All of the images on my site were shot by me or my assistant, and are not a compilation of dozens of photographers’ best work. When you book me, what you see is what you get–quality artisanship and personal attention.

Sure is!  I've been a professional photographer for over ten years.  I still have to pinch myself sometimes that I get to do something that is so much fun on a daily basis!  Most wedding photographers do this in addition to their full time job.  By hiring me, you know that this is my full-time occupation and that you and your wedding gets my full attention.  

Anywhere.  While you've probably noticed most of my work is close-ish to home: DC, NYC, Philly, Pennsylvania etc I've also traveled a little farther for couples in Nashville, Niagara Falls, Outer Banks and many other locations.  I've been asked to go much farther-- Europe, South America, the UK, Central America, etc.  While I wasn't ready then, my kids were little, they are older now, so I'm game if you are! 

Lots of great stuff! Check it out here.

Awwww first off thank you for following me for all this time!  You are not alone, this actually happens a lot-- I have so many couples reach out to me before they have booked a venue or even before they are engaged!  Because I cover weddings personally and all-day, I can't logistically be two places at once.  If your heart is set on working together, your best bet is to reach out and say something like, "I'm planning to get married in (insert your season of choice) and (insert year or choice)" and ask me what dates I have open.  This sort of flexibility basically ensures that we will be able to work together yay!!!


Also worth noting, there are all sorts of photo sessions that I offer, not just weddings and engagements... I can photograph your portraits (for just you, your family or even your career).  Just reach out and let me know, I'd love to work with you!    

Now!  If your heart is set on working together, your best bet is to reach out and say something like, "I'm planning to get married in (insert your season of choice) and (insert year or choice)" and ask me what dates I have open.  This sort of flexibility basically ensures that we will be able to work together yay!!!

Easy!  Just contact me and we'll arrange a time to get to know each other and ensure that we are a perfect match.  Making it official is easy, too--  everything can be done on-line and takes about ten minutes! Click here to contact me!

Every Package Includes

Yes, I personally photograph each wedding that I book.  I do not assign different photographers to my couples. All of the images on my site were shot by me personally and images on my blog were shot by me or my assistant, and are not a compilation of dozens of photographers’ best work. When you book me, what you see is what you get–  quality artisanship and personal attention.

I know it's common for photographers to only edit the shots for the blog and give clients the un-edited "b-roll," but it's important to me to give you "all the moments" even if it takes some serious time and effort on my part.  During a typical wedding, I might only blog 25 shots, but deliver 600 photos.  That is a lot of extra time and attention spent perfecting exposure, crop, white balance etc on each image, but I have heard from many past clients that it means so much to them, so it is worth it for me!

Yes, I include this with every wedding package, and most couples say it is the most helpful and least expected of my package offerings.  I have photographed a whole lot of weddings, for incredibly diverse and awesome couples.  There are so many ways to plan a wedding day and I help you to figure out what fits *you* best and work through the logistics that make your photo dreams a reality.  

I'll help you think through all sorts of things and figure out what works best for you, personally, every one is different!  What are your biggest priorities for your wedding day?  Do you want a first look?  Detail photos? What kinds of bridal party or family pictures would you like?  If you want big group photos, how will you organize all those aunts, uncles and cousins to make the process as quick as possible?  When should everyone's hair and make-up be done?  What are the biggest wedding day stressors and how to avoid them? etc.  We think though all of this together and you make all of these decisions in advance, so when it comes to your wedding day things move smoothly and in accordance with your top priorities!  

Your on-line gallery displays your full set of high-resolution, polished photos.  You are able to view, download, or purchase prints directly from the site.  My site is directly connected to my favorite printer in San Francisco who also use the best quality archival inks, papers etc.  Watermarks and copyright information will not appear on downloads or prints.  You are able to use your digital files to create your own save-the-dates, thank you cards etc. because this also includes your personal print release.

I realize this is a once-in-a-lifetime event for you, and I don't take chances with your memories.  I have multiple cameras, lenses, batteries, etc. just in case of technical difficulties of any kind.   After photographing weddings for over ten years, I can tell you, this is important and something I've had to use.  It is a big investment on my part, but something that I'm happy to do for my clients.

This is my starting package, and includes all of the items mentioned above for $1500. Please contact me for information about additional packages and al la carte menu options.