what to wear on your photo shoot: a starting point for the men

Hello, gentlemen.  You know that clothes can make a big difference in the overall turn-out of your photos- but where to begin?  Here are some wardrobe tips that will make you more photogenic (yes it is possible!)
Location & wardrobe should mesh, like it does in a movie, so look to the setting of the shoot and the other participants’ wardrobes.   For example, if your fiance looks like she’s ready for a night out on the town maybe wearing a slinky dress and stilettos, you don’t want to look like you are ready for the beach in a flip flops and a polo with jeans.
I’d start by suggesting that you wear a button down and dress pants or dark wash denim.  If it’s hot roll up the sleeves if it’s cold throw on another layer (maybe sweater or jacket).   I always suggest an undershirt beneath– it keeps perspiration at bay while keeping you looking polished.  Add several accessories– ties, sunglasses and hats can be added or removed if need be to change the look throughout the shoot and “hidden” items like watches and socks are more subtle, but can be brought into the photos as well.  Layering photographs very well– it will add depth and interest, bringing your wardrobe up a level, so definitely consider adding a layer.

Now that you have tried out the basic button down with fitted pants, accessories and added a layer, feel free to experiement to find what fits you.  Thanks for taking the time to read this, men.  I’d love to hear if it helps you, so please feel free to comment!

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  1. He is most likely going to do your first suggestion..already thought the same thing 🙂 We both just need to decide on outfits for the tennis part!! SOOO excited!!

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