Lehigh Valley Wedding Photographer: Kyrie & Andrew’s "Up" Engagement

Kyrie and Andrew wanted to incorporate the Disney/Pixar movie “Up” into their engagement shoot because of the love story, which is incredibly beautiful. If you haven’t seen it, you should really check out this little clip. They painted a birdhouse like Ellie & Carl’s, had a “grape soda” pin and lots of gorgeous balloons. They watched the clouds together, washed windows, read books, and made a mailbox just like the one in the movie, adding a hand print for their little Rowan. I hope you will be as charmed by this lovely couple and young family as I am.












A note from Kyrie and Andrew: “Why are we inspired by UP? Like Ellie and Carl, we believe That the greatest adventure in life Is to share it with someone you LOVE. The themes of their love story match our own- The promise of growing old together, Final great adventures,Recovering from loss, And finding inspiration in unexpected places…On our first date we watched Aladdin And the first movie we fell in LOVE with together was Finding Nemo. Disney became a part of our relationship by telling great stories, Making us laugh, And reminding us that there is a child in each of us, No matter how grown up we become.” All the best with your latest adventure, little Rowan!

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  1. I loved this !!! Not only the photo’s but the wonderful words in the note – Bless this family ! Lisa that last photo gets me all the time : ) I put a dvd of UP in my daughters bridal shower “movie” basket along with pop corn, cozy soft throws for bride & groom etc… I cry easy so I better get a box of tissue ready !

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