Red Bank NJ Engagement Photographer: Christina & Peter

A riverside proposal that is visible via observatory binoculars and incorporates a hand-made, six foot proposal sign in lights being held up by friends/family from a half mile away from the shore of Red Bank’s Riverside Gardens… Christina & Pete’s romantic engagement story starts here:
Pete came up with a unique proposal idea that was sure to surprise Christina and demonstrate how much he cared.  Pete decided to send a message from a half mile away, that Christina would be able to see from observatory binoculars!!!  He toyed with creating a sign that said “Will you marry me?” but preferred to ask her himself, so he decided on “First comes love…”  because everyone knows “then comes marriage.” 😉
Pete constructed the message on a 6 foot sign that was lit with over 100 LED lights and powered by 40 AAA batteries and created an elaborate plan including having friends/family holding up the sign from half a mile away and a party to follow.  He drove Christina to the Gardens and walked her to the binoculars with the ring in his back pocket.   He told her that he saw something really interesting on the other side of the bank and asked her to take a look.
She peered through the binoculars and read aloud, “First comes love?” then she looked at Pete who was down on one knee holding the ring.  She said yes 🙂 .  For their engagement photos they invited me to the proposal site so that I could incorporate Pete’s creative “Riverside Binocular” proposal.  I started with balancing her ring on the binoculars, circling the 10 for their wedding date (4/10/15).
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