Shippensburg Engagement Photographer: Shippensburg University with Rachel & Jason

A colorful fall display on the campus of Shippensburg University with former Red Raider football player, Jason and his fiance, runner, Rachel.   Watch out there might be some leaf-throwing in this engagement session…
Rachel and Jason have quite the past– their mother’s met in junior high school, they met in *kindergarten* and became good friends in seventh grade.  They attended homecoming together (as friends) and had the same group of friends so they were there to celebrate each other’s 16th and 21st birthdays.
After graduating from Shippensburg University, they both went to grad school and didn’t reconnect until a few years ago, when they were both living in Philadelphia and realized they had a connection that was deeper than friendship, though a strong friendship will always be their firm foundation. 🙂
Rachel shared that Jason has a lightheartedness that she loves, as well as a strong sense of commitment and loyalty– he always has their best interests at heart.  Jason shared that Rachel is caring, patient, supportive and a great listener– he said she is the most caring person he knows.
Autumn is Rachel & Jason’s favorite season– they love fall colors, sports and weather and it also symbolizes a fresh start for both of them as they both work in the school system.  They currently live and work in Philadelphia, but will never forget their small town roots in the town of Shippensburg or their time together as college students at Shippensburg University.
While Rachel is passionate about running, she is very supportive of Jason’s passions.  She attends the football games that he coaches and cheers for him and his players from the stands.  She also comes along on his fishing excursions, and sits alongside him, reading a good book, which is more her cup of tea :).   They also both enjoy nature and taking walks together– Jason makes Rachel laugh, he has a great sense of humor!
Engagement and wedding photography is extremely important to both Rachel and Jason.  Out of all of their wedding investments, they both felt that the photography would be the only tangible part of the experience that they would be able to keep forever.  Rachel remembered my work from her friends’ weddings, Angela, Maggie & Alison all had hired me in the past.
 They also really appreciate my creativity and use of vibrant color.  I put my creative eye to work for them here especially, this is actually a reflection in the stream that flows along the edge of campus.    The colorful, lush canopy on the upper half of the frame is actually weeds growing at the edge of the water while the tree trunk is literally part of the landscape.  I love impressionistic art and this is my way of creating my own:  
The proposal– Rachel was training for the Love Run it is a half marathon in Philadelphia.  She had just finished running 10 miles and walked into her quiet, dark home, within seconds Jason jumped out and scared her, haha.  She was hot, sweaty and not ready for what was next, Jason dropped to one knee and asked her to marry him!  He was holding this timeless, cushion-cut diamond ring!
While we were exploring campus, maintenance was gathering up leaves in huge piles using a large vehicle.  I think this next image really captures this playful couples passion for fall and their fun-loving nature…
As an SU alum myself, I have always loved this tree next to Huber.  There are several others like it on campus, I believe it is a gum tree, but the shape and color of the leaves combined with the interesting spikey spheres have always caught my eye.  Both of Jason’s eyes seem to be set on Rachel…
Rachel & Jason both were drawn to my ability to capture emotion as well as the best of any setting.  Here they are watching the sun set from the top of the hill at Shippensburg University’s historic section of campus.  A beautiful view and a beautiful couple…
shippensburg-engagment-photographer-11Rachel & Jason, it was such a pleasure to get to know the two of you and I am super excited for your wedding at Green Grove Gardens in Greencastle next summer!!!

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