Planetarium Wedding Photographer: Brandi & Rick

Rick loves planetariums and his spirited fiance, Brandi, whose middle name happens to be “star”. Rick is in the Air Force and is getting orders to move, so they decided to tie the knot at the planetarium on the campus of Shippensburg University while he was still here…
This is probably the most challenging lighting I’ve worked with to date, (as cameras capture light and planetariums are really, really, really dark)– it was pretty nerve wracking, haha, but I think worth it. I reached out to several of my peers, and want to thank them for their kindness and suggestions.
Meet Brandi & Rick… 1500 miles apart geographically yet head-over-heels in sweet love.  They are true partners who have overcome challenges, and supported each other through their darkest times in life.  At first they just joked about running away together, but realized with his assignment coming soon and their families so far apart that it would be the best for everyone to elope.
The ceremony was performed in the Shippensburg University planetarium by a Baptist minister who said it was his first planetarium ceremony ever.  Brandi & Rick’s relationship with Christ is the foundation of their relationship and one of their favorite parts of the ceremony was when the minister talked about the wedding bands.
He shared that the wedding band is a perfect circle, it has no end, it is also a symbol of endless love, which they will now share as husband and wife.  I like the image below because as the minister is holding up their wedding bands and showing the circle, the rings are highlighted by a starry light.
Brandi was anxious to see if the stars were visible in the photos, even if you could just kind of see them in one she’d be happy.  I showed her this image on the back of my camera and she was blown away, not just by the stars, but by the heart– “Do you see that heart?  Our faces are making a heart!”
During the planetarium presentation, Jack, the operator of the planetarium, had the stars move as they do through the night sky.  I used a slow shutter speed to capture “star trails”, the red light that allowed Jack to see his switchboard became very visible during the extended exposure.  I like the color, it looks surreal and romantic and as if time is standing still for Brandi and Rick as the rest of the universe speeds around them.
Brandi and Rick enjoy the outdoors and wanted photos outside of the planetarium as well.  They braved the cold and took a walk in the woods together.  I asked Brandi what drew her to Rick and she said it is his quiet sensitive heart and his wit and charm, she gets lost in his eyes but most of all that above all, they really compliment each other so well.  Rick said that he agrees and loves absolutely everything about Brandi– she is the most perfect woman for him.
Brandi and Rick, congratulations on your marriage, may you both have a lifetime of joy and happiness!  Thank you for including me in your big day, I’m so glad that I was able to capture the stars for you!

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