Celebrations Bensalem & Lawrenceville photographers: Beth & Federico

Deep family roots, a bridal party of twenty-three, a little dude with sweet dance moves… Beth & Fed’s wedding story begins here:
Music was Federico’s first love– he taught himself to play guitar then started playing in bands as a teen.  He began singing Beth to sleep in 8th grade, and still does now from time to time.  I saw Fed’s guitar and really wanted to incorporate it into the photo of he and Beth’s wedding rings to tell that sweet story…
Beth and her mother are very close, when Beth lived at home they would walk for an hour almost daily, drink tea together & watch storms roll in from the front porch.  They share everything together and Beth looks to her as a role model/support and has done so for her whole life.
I like this image of the two of them symmetrically reaching for Beth’s wedding dress together because it really speaks to their relationship, Beth shared that her mom has always treated her as a friend and equal…
Beth is not a “girlie girl” by any stretch of the imagination, and if you ask her dad, he’d definitely say she’s always been more of a “tomboy” helping him with DIY projects around the house etc. but she does love sparkle and wanted to go all out for her sequined gold stiletto Jimmy Choos…
Bridesmaids reveal– It was so sweet to see Beth’s bridesmaids react to seeing her in her wedding dress!  They were a mix of family and friends and couldn’t have been happier for her…
Federico said he fell for Beth because of her amazing personality and selflessness.  They started out as best friends and can still make each other crack-up.  Fed also mentioned Beth being ambitious and always being able to get the best out of herself and of Fed, too.
Beth graduated from the Lawrenceville School and wanted to return to her alma mater for her wedding photos.  Here she is with her beautiful bridesmaids who mean the world to her…
I photographed individual photos of Beth and each of her bridesmaids, too and this one stood out to me as being special.  Beth & Amanda shared that as the oldest sisters in the family they used to experience their share of sibling rivalry, but now are very close.
They do this “thing” because of a Disney movie they watched as kids (Double Teamed) it was something that the twins in the movie  did to show their love for their sister from a distance…
Federico…  Beth shared that Fed is her rock.  He is kind, caring and while he appears more reserved at first he can really come alive in the limelight when he is performing and has a goofy side, too.  He always makes her feel important and is the love of her life.
Fed’s mother held a brunch for him at her home on the wedding day.  The tradition stems from Fed’s home town in Italy where typically the whole town is invited to a breakfast along the street prior to the couple’s wedding.
It meant so much to Beth & Fed that his family traveled from so far to be a part of the wedding festivities.  Following tradition, they gathered and ate together then showered the groom with almonds on his way to the church…
Federico has always considered his cousins to be his brothers.  His best man has been his closest friend since kindergarten.  I will share more about him later…
Here are the tie clips that Fed bought as gifts for his groomsmen.  He wanted to give them a clip that would showcase the team they loved the best.  Here are a few of the clips, but logos included soccer, football and basketball teams, even a band logo!
Beth & Fed’s first look at the pond on the Lawrenceville School campus in Lawrenceville, NJ was incredibly important to Beth, as it is the same place that her parents had their wedding photography captured.   Beth’s parents started dating as teens and have now been married for 33 years and showed her  what it means to be committed to each other and put in the work necessary for a successful marriage. 🙂
Here is their first look– I love their expressions, priceless…
As a photographer, I like to have fun with creative angles and unique perspectives and was captivated by the reflection of Beth and Fed in the pond.  It almost gives a visual for that dreamy “in love” feeling and all the emotions that were swirling around this couple on their wedding day:
Beth & Fed chose Celebrations in Bucks County  for their reception venue, here the happy couple is exploring the grounds together.  They said it was so nice to get time alone together during the wedding day to enjoy each other’s company and let it all sink in.
Beth & Fed were married at the church that Beth has her preschool, baptism, first communion, confirmation & Sunday school.  St Matthews in Pennington is her Spiritual home and the ceremony was performed by Father Jack, the same minister who performed her baptism and several other sacraments….
A sweet point in the ceremony was when Father Jack was talking about what an amazing caretaker Beth is and honorable man Fed is.   He said that if he ever ends up in need of an RN, he would be privileged to have Beth nurse him back to health, likewise, if he were ever pulled over by a state trooper, he knows he would still get a ticket because Federico is an honest and honorable man.
This made the whole congregation laugh, but especially Fed’s mother, it was a very sweet moment!
We found the perfect place for family photos, it almost seemed to be Inspired by Italy…
I love the look on Federico’s face here– he looks like he has just been announced as being the champion of the world!  He said he was “psyched” and was thrilled to have Beth announced as his wife 🙂
Fed had two best men, and they both gave fantastic speeches–
One was by Anthony, who has been his best friend since kindergarten.  Anthony shared about all of the important things they learned in kindergarten and how they applied to marriage (sharing, playing fair, cleaning up, etc).  He made everyone laugh.
The other was by Fed’s cousin, Marcello.  Marcello and Fed have always been close, but he is moving out of the area soon, and Fed is marrying Beth, so they are moving on in their lives and won’t be able to see each other as much but that he will always see Fed as his brother– many people wept, in a good way.
This little man’s got some major dance moves!!!  He was a total ham and ladies man haha…
Haaaa– conga line!!  Check out the ringbearer…
Right before the end of the night Beth & Fed stepped out for a moment alone away from all of the excitement on the dance floor.  They said it was a great time to just enjoy the quiet of the evening together and soak it all in alone as a couple.
Beth & Fed, it was such a pleasure to work with you and your families!  I wish you all the very best and can’t wait to hear what you think and show you your full set of wedding photos!

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