Lehigh Valley Wedding Photographers: Allison & Rob Part II

You won’t want to miss this vibrant, sporty fun engagement session for two middle school basketball coaches…
Right from the start Allison and Rob shared, “We love everything about your photos!!!  Your pictures are clear, colorful and everyone looks like they are having so much fun and just being themselves!”  They also mentioned loving basketball and it was really the perfect way to get fun, natural photos of them in their element.
You may have already seen Part I of their engagement session which was a very romantic setting with breathtaking views and sunset.  For Part II we met at a local basketball court and played a little one on one. 😉
I like this image because it shows a unique perspective– you are able to see the basketball court setting, their shadows and her ring sparkling in the sun… game on:
Allison shared, “Basketball is a big part of both of our lives and always will be. We both played basketball from the time we were toddlers all the way to playing at rival high schools! You can always catch us shooting around and playing 1 on 1 against each other.”
I really think their joyful, fun-loving personalities shine in thee images…
Allison continued, “Now we coach fifth and sixth grade boys together and hope to coach our own kids someday!”
I love using creative photography techniques with my photographs.  Here I silhouetted Allison & Rob against the bright blue sky and caught the ball in mid-air…
I knew that they loved color and really tried to play up the vibrant colors surrounding us in these photos.  Here I used a fish-eye lens to really make the image pop– I like the look of their fingers and funny shadows below…
Rob shared, “We are both pretty easy going and laid back. It doesn’t really matter what we do with each other, as long as it is together (as cliche” as that sounds it is true!) We both honestly bring out the best in each other.”
Allison added, “Rob and I clicked from day one. We both like to just go with the flow and are up for any kind of adventure at any time… there is such much to love about Rob, but I really appreciate how comfortable he makes me feel”
They were always joking around and messing with each other, I had a blast working with them!
Allison commented, “We both were taught how important teamwork is at an early age by our parents and throughout all the sports we played growing up. We both realized very quickly how it is almost never a one person show. In relationships, working together is so important and the only way it will work. It makes life so much easier too. When coaching, our main focus was having the boys respect each other in order to work as a team. It’s not always easy but it for sure is worth it.”
Teamwork makes dream work!!!
Dunk!!!!!!  I can’t even tell you how much I like this photo…
Allison & Rob it was such a pleasure to work with you and I cannot wait to photograph you and your families again for your Lehigh Valley Wedding at Woodstone Country Club next year!  If you haven’t had a chance to check out Part 1 of their engagement session, you might want to, here.  

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