Saint Matthew’s Cathedral Wedding: Matt & Ellen

This intimate wedding at the stunning Saint Matthew’s Cathedral in Washington DC is timeless, classic, architectural, and elegant.

SAINT MATTHEW’S CATHEDRAL WEDDING photo featuring a bride and groom on Rhode Island NW

Why Rhinehart Photography?

Ellen shared, “We were immediately drawn to your photography.  We knew we wanted to choose you as our wedding photographer right from the start!  You had everything we were both looking for in a photographer.  I personally liked the variety you offer– everything from architectural and scenic to candid and posed photography and wedding day details.”

SAINT MATTHEW’S CATHEDRAL WEDDING photographer captures golden sanctuary at the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington

One of My Favorite DC Wedding Venues

Saint Matthew’s Cathedral is one of my favorite wedding ceremony venues in Washington DC.  It has a rich history, including that John F Kennedy was known to attend mass there while serving as President of the United States.  It is also absolutely stunning!

priest opens the front doors at the cathedral of saint matthew

A Twist in Our Plans

Due to Covid-19, Matt and Ellen had to move their mass.  The church was not able to accommodate the new reception date.  They choose *two* new wedding dates!  Matt and Ellen made lemonade out of lemons and sent out new “Save the dates.”  This time with a photograph of each of them holding a Corona with a twist of lime, saying “A Twist in Our Plans,” haha!

While I was able to be there for the full wedding day, and to plan, blog and edit all of their photos, I was not available for the new mass date.  A huge thank you to my associate photographer, Jim, for swooping in and helping out!  He was the man behind the camera for the mass, and wowza, I was impressed!

The pipe organ started off the Cathedral of St Matthew the Apostle Ceremony in Washington DC.

saint matthew cathedral pipe organ

Architecture is Key in a Saint Matthew’s Cathedral Wedding!

It is such an incredible place with marble, mosaics, and so many gold tones…


No Flash Allowed During Mass

It’s also a tricky place to photograph, as there are strict rules inside the church relating to the use of flash and positioning of the photographer.

couple sits during their SAINT MATTHEW’S CATHEDRAL WEDDING ceremony

The Rotunda in St Mattew’s Cathedral

Here you can see the incredible rotunda in the official Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington DC

Photograph inside the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington

Following Covid-19 Guidelines for Washington DC

All attendants wore masks in compliance with Covid-19 precautions and stayed well away from Matt and Ellen:

washington dc covid wedding covid-19 precautions

The few guests allowed to attend were masked as well.

masked masks during covid-19 global pandemic in washington dc

Love conquers all!

wedding at the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington

The happy couple!  I love Ellen’s expression here:


Golden Glow of St Matthew’s Cathedral

With the “no flash” restrictions over after the ceremony, the true golden colors of the St Matthew’s Cathedral shine:


While close up photos are great, capturing some from a distance really show the scale of the Cathedral of St Matthew the Apostle!


Outside Saint Matthew’s Cathedral

A sweet candid with the priest before getting a few final shots outside of the Catholic church:


The columns, doors, and surrounding landscaping are a few of the architectural highlights of Saint Matthew’s Cathedral

SAINT MATTHEW’S CATHEDRAL exterior photograph following a wedding

One final shot capturing the intimacy of their Saint Matthew’s Cathedral wedding ceremony:

CATHEDRAL OF SAINT MATTHEW THE APOSTLE 1725 Rhode Island Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036

More of this amazing Washington DC Couple

If you’d like to see Ellen and Matt’s full day wedding reception, at the George Washington Masonic Memorial, check it out here.   To see their Cherry Blossom Engagement click the link.

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