Allaire Park Engagement: Victoria & Anthony

This Allaire Park Engagement captures vibrant colors and authentic moments.  Victoria & Anthony initially bonded over their shared awkwardness (they both went in for a high five following their first date, haha), and blossomed into confident, carefree romantics.  Watch them strut their stuff throughout their session:

This vibrant creative Allaire Park Engagement uses bold colors and silhouettes and a unique photography session

Why Rhinehart Photography?

Victoria shares, “You photographed my cousin, Christina’s wedding photos several years ago.  I immediately noticed the originality of your photography and loved it so much that I have followed you ever since.  I knew I wanted you to photograph my wedding before I even met Anthony, haha!”

She continued, “Your pictures are so unique and really capture the essence of a couple. We both love how you seem to be able to grab all the colors from the scenery and make them pop!  After working with you myself, I can say that I love how you are always willing to go the extra mile.  We definitely saw that first hand in our shoot, haha!”

Talk about popping colors…  This yellow field of buttercups was so beautiful and I knew just what to do to pump up the volume and capture those vibrant tones.  I also made sure to have them fill my frame to really show them off.

couple spins in a field of yellow buttercups during their Allaire Park Engagement

Her Dress Though…

Victoria definitely looked stunning and seemed to feel so beautiful.  Her hair was gorgeous and the way her dress caught the wind as she walked was just *wow*!

couple holds hands as the woman's dress catches the wind in her Allaire Park Engagement session

From Awkwardness to Confidence

Anthony shared, “We first fell for each other when we went in for a high five goodbyes on our first date. We both knew that we found someone as equally awkward as the other, haha!”

They may have started out awkward, and been nervous about being in front of the camera initially, but these two warmed up beautifully!!

engaged couple wearing glasses, groom kisses bride's cheek

Why an Allaire Park Engagement?

Victoria shares, “We chose Allaire State Park because of how it reminded us of Lake Placid which is our favorite place to go!”
I knew they love vibrant colors and creative photography.  So when I saw them reflecting in this stream I jumped on the opportunity.  Look closely and you’ll find the happy couple:

creative unique engagement portrait in alliare state park in new jersey

Her Spontaneous Nature

Anthony says “I fell in love with Vic’s adventurous and spontaneous nature. That is something that was always lacking in me and she gives me a reason to venture outside the beaten path to discover new experiences.”

Here is a visual for that “spontaneous nature” concept.  I love how you can see the dandelion seeds (or wishes :)) and how they really pop against Victoria’s dark hair.

black and white photo of couple wearing glasses blowing dandelion seeds

Keeping on the Sunny Side

Victoria says “I love that no matter what the situation is Anthony somehow makes me laugh and look at the positive side of things. There are so many times where he is my rock. Especially this past year he kept me sane, as I worked in the Emergency Room during Covid!”

engaged couple happy walks through field of blooming buttercups in Allaire state Park Engagement

Anthony added, “We always put each other first in every situation and always know how to make the other smile even when the other is cranky or in a funk. Every time we are around each other all we do is laugh and joke around, that’s how we know it’s just right.”

couple spins among green garden in Allaire Park Engagement

Fun, Carefree Nature-Lovers

Victoria shared, “We were definitely going for a fun carefree vibe for our pictures. We are huge nature-lovers so we definitely wanted to take our pictures somewhere that could fit that feel.”

I love playing with different camera techniques throughout a photoshoot.  In this one I used panning, to capture the movement, color and add a little bit of whimsy to this photo:

Allaire Park Engagement fun creative unique artistic motion blur photograph slow shutter award winning photographer

Anthony’s Surprise Proposal

Victoria recalls, “He did it on my Birthday and got my whole family involved. He knew how bad of a year 2020 was for me with working in the emergency room through COVID. All I remember was him telling me “just wait until your birthday, this year will end well, I promise…”

couple walks Spring green tree-lined path together in Allaire Park Engagement

Victoria’s Best Birthday Present Ever!

She laughs, “He planned the whole thing with my sisters for that day. When my cake came out and I blew out the candles the cake said “will you marry me” then I turned around and saw all my family looking on in the kitchen and Anthony down on one knee with a big smile on his face in front of my sisters Christmas tree with the movie A Christmas Story playing in the background. Having my grandmother, our parents, and siblings present to witness this moment is what we both wanted. BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER!”

Here I’m playing with the reflection in a window so I can bring the windows, sky, and happy couple all into this Allaire Park engagement photo!

creative reflection photography unique NJ photographers Allaire Park Engagement

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