Sharon & Andrew: Philadelphia Engagement Photography

The first time we tried to meet for their photo-shoot we were met with 60mph winds.   The second time we settled for 20mph, a bit chilly but I like the way it moved her hair in a few of the shots, just gorgeous.  Andrew is from Philadelphia, Sharon studied English at Penn and fell for Philly (and Andrew).  They enjoy walking downtown– a favorite hang out for them is Jack’s Firehouse, which is an old firehouse converted into a restaurant.  Andrew was even a bartender there for a bit.    Like most couples, they were referred to me by newlyweds that were happy with my work, in this case, Becky and Nick.  sharonandrewfaveng-100sharonandrewfaveng-102sharonandrewfaveng-103sharonandrewfaveng-101

sharonandrewfavengtall-100 sharonandrewfaveng-105

^ Sharon, your smile is absolutely stunning, and Andrew those eyes, wow!


sharonandrewfavengtall-102 sharonandrewfaveng-108sharonandrewfaveng-109sharonandrewfavengtall-103 sharonandrewfaveng-112sharonandrewfaveng-113sharonandrewfaveng-114sharonandrewfavengtall-200

^ Their love defies gravity 😉sharonandrewfaveng-115 ^ Just something Sharon likes to do



Catch her if you can!


Chillin’ while the traffic speeds by




^ Their standard


I’m looking forward to your wedding at Philadelphia’s Glen Foerd Mansion on the Delaware River this spring!

4 thoughts on “Sharon & Andrew: Philadelphia Engagement Photography”

  1. Lisa, this is my neighborhood! And you shot it really, really beautifully. The light on that shot from the museum steps is incredible. Great work!

  2. Hey, I love the b/w bar shot. Just out of curiosity: fill flash on the couple, good lighting, or a composite of shots?
    I love your style.

  3. What fabulous photos of a young, caring couple! I anticipate an extremely wonderful wedding which will be happening soon. Thanks for sharing these scenes with me. Great photography!! Regards, Wilson

  4. Thank you!!! Kate, I used the natural light from the bar and waited for the light, her expression and people background to be right, then snapped. 😉

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