Chambersburg Portrait Photography: Virginia & Bianca’s1920’s Hollywood shoot

To say that twins, Bianca and Virginia, are “into movies from the 1920’s” would be a huge understatement.    These high school seniors fell in love with classic movies and culture a few years ago and have been captivated ever since.  They wanted me to capture their interest in the 20’s, so we scheduled an old Hollywood glam style shoot at the Capitol Theater (circa 1927) in Chambersburg pa.  To see Bianca and Virginia in their element took me back in time and hope you will travel back with us as well.  Here is some music for your journey.

Below you can see thier reactions to different genre’s of movies: horror, romance, comedy, etc…


Bianca changed from her “movie star” look into something with a Charlie Chaplin vibe:

A huge thank you to these young ladies and their parents for entrusting me with their vision and to the capitol theater for allowing us to use their beautiful venue.  Brides, I could see this making a great wedding venue, hint hint. 🙂

12 thoughts on “Chambersburg Portrait Photography: Virginia & Bianca’s1920’s Hollywood shoot”

  1. Absolutely breathtaking. What a wonderful way to photograph Bianca and Virginia. Beautiful photos of two lovely ladies. So hard to believe they are graduating. Great job, Lisa.

  2. Beautiful photos, beautiful young women. Appropriate for Virginia and Bianca. Sometimes I couldn’t tell in the close up if it was Virginia or Bianca.

  3. amy dear Lisa. I always saw you as a commer. The photos are inspired. The venue, the lighting, the composition there is so much more I could say. Suffice it to sqay, you caught my precious granddaughters in all their beauty and personage,

  4. Girls, you look amazing! You could be right out of an old movie! Bianca, you are so Joan Crawfordesque and Virginia, your eyes are haunting in some of these shots!

  5. Erica Frontino

    Wow…very BEAUTIFUL photos! These are just breathtaking! It’s great that Lisa was able to capture your passion of the Hollywood era. You are both so amazing!!!

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