Lehigh Valley Wedding Photographer: Courtney & Nick- Bear Creek & Lock Ridge

A playful, happy couple, bridal party of 20, and a huge surprise for me(!!!)…  Courtney and Nick are a fun, athletic couple that met in college where Courtney cheered and Nick played football.  They are fun, friendly and very dedicated to their friends and family– these guys have *huge* hearts.  As for the details, they were married at Faith Lutheran Church in Whitehall Pennsylvania and stopped at Lock Ridge Park for a few photos and then headed to Bear Creek for their reception.  Court chose a peach and gray color scheme and chose details that spoke to her, see more here:

Her little granddaughter is all grown up, Court’s grandma watches her put the final touches on her wedding day…


Nick’s gift– Court’s new monogram on a necklace and the bridesmaids’ adorable first look:


Love the streamers, and this sweet little man, Courtney’s ringbearer, Sean


This shot looks incredible huge– I lined it up just right so that you could see everyone in the limo and most people’s reflections, too 😉


Behold, a bridal party of nineteen:


Any guesses as to how I got this shot?  ^  Love this:


The garter… love the looks on everyone’s faces, haha:


Here comes the surprise… Court & Nick’s wedding date also happened to be my birthday, I considered turning down their request to work that day, but Courtney was so sweet, how could I resist?   In the middle of their wedding reception, they surprised me with the song “Happy Birthday Lisa” (yes from The Simpson’s episode with Michael Jackson) and a cake shaped exactly like my camera and in my favorite flavor (chocolate raspberry). Wow, guys, what can I say? Huge thank you to you both and I wish you many years of happiness!


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