Creative Engagement Photographers: Jen & Rory at CrossFit Vineland

Curling, headstands, pushing tires– you won’t want to miss this unique CrossFit engagement session…
You probably remember Jen and Rory from Part I of their Vineland engagement session which I photographed at Eastlyn Country Club.  Part II is quite different, you get to see them “in their element” at the gym where they first met.
They reached out to me looking for a photographer that had creative, artistic photos that would be full of life and capture their personalities and interests for years to come.   They wanted mostly creative and candid images, but I did snap this more traditional portrait of them, too.
I like how the concrete wall shows the more relaxed, edgy side to these two in contrast to their polished, refined Country Club session
I like to photograph a unique image of the couples engagement ring during their session if possible and photographed Jen’s ring on one of the tires that you will see them pushing later on.
I placed it in the water that gathered along the side of the tire to give the reflection below and worked  with the shadows and sunlight that created interesting lines and colors in the photo, too.
Rory is the proud owner of CrossFit Vineland and enjoys and believes in his work.
He initially met Jen when she became a member of the gym, it was love at first site.   Now CrossFit is an important part of Jen’s life too.    They spend many evenings together at the gym.
They both feel like they can do anything when they are together and whatever they do, work or play, they always have fun!
They are the real deal, seriously sooooo much stronger than me– I love the vibrant color of the sky here…
They are such a natural fit and spend a lot of time joking around and having a good time.
Jen said she can tend to be on the serious side and Rory really helps her to take a step back, laugh, relax & enjoy life.
They really balance each other out well.
While they can be opposites in some ways, they are aligned in others.  They work hard on their relationship and are careful not to loose sight of who they are as individuals.
They love and respect each other, supporting each other’s dreams.  They believe in each other and trust each other completely, and it shows.
I liked how the color of the blue sky was reflected in the pavement and the sunlight bounced back at me in the image below.
If you look closely through the tire you can see Jen & Rory’s shadows.
Pumping iron, haha!
Jen & Rory are both competitive individuals and it was interesting to see how they use it to support each other and drive each other to do better.
They really feed off each other’s positivity and encourage each other to do thier best…
Squats!!!  I like the contrast, lines and vibrant colors in this one…
Rory “bench pressing” Jen, adorable!  🙂
I think you really get a feel for their intensity here– you two are fierce!!!
Just to mess with your mind a little…
Hehe, these romantic clouds are actually gym chalk 🙂
Jen & Rory, it was such a pleasure to meet you two and I absolutely love that you embraced the gym idea and ran with it.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to really let my creative juices flow and produce images for you that are artistic, emotional and unique.  I am so excited for your wedding day!!!
If you just can’t get enough of these two, make sure to check out Part I of their session here.  🙂

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