Shippensburg Senior Portrait Photographers: Tyler

Football, hunting, fishing and off-roading in his Jeep– you won’t want to miss Tyler’s action-packed senior portraits…
Tyler said that he “heard through the grapevine” that I was a good photographer ;)… he had seen some of his friends’ photos on-line and was impressed.  His mom added that she follows my blog and loves how personal each post is, that she loves how I capture people’s unique personalities and interests and capture them in action and that she’d love to have me do that for Tyler before he is “shipped overseas” in June for Marine boot camp.
Tyler is hard-working and driven, he plays hard, too.  He has played Varsity Football for Shippensburg High School and loved it!
Tyler shared, “I started playing football when I was 5 years old.  Those were some of my best times in high school, now that it’s over I’m finally realizing that!”
I wanted to catch Tyler in action as a corner back, he is known for sticking his tongue out as he catches the ball and has done it since he was a kid.  His mom says it’s his “signature look, haha!”
We shot on-location at Memorial Park stadium.  I was fascinated by the lines and shapes underneath the stands… if you look closely you can see Tyler, too…
Tyler shared, “SASHS went to the district championship this year.  For us, it was kind of all of the hard work that we had put in as kids paying off.  It was really a chance of a lifetime.  You can see some of the craziest moments here– the coach said “why not us?” Here is a highlight reel of their season.
I wanted to capture Tyler’s drive & determination here:
His mom said, “I always have followed your blog and love the unique, dynamic pictures you take.  You have such an eye and I appreciate your ability to see different perspectives.”
I love Ty’s intensity here:
Catch him if you can…
We moved locations from the football stadium to his family’s property out in the country off of Upper Horse Valley road.
Tyler explained, “This is where I go to get some time away.  It is perfect for hunting, fishing, off-roading, and just hanging out with family.  It has been a special place for me to go throughout life.  It is one of my favorite places in the world.”
In addition to more “lifestyle” photography, I also capture more “traditional portraits” as well.
I like the depth of this portrait.  Part of that effect is caused by the branches that I blurred in the foreground and background…
Tyler found an old hat in the cabin.  It belonged to one of his Uncle Trevor.
Speaking of family connections, Tyler is wearing his grandfather’s belt.  Sometimes the small details make all the difference. creative-unique-best-central-pa-photographers-senior-portrait-football-hunting-fishing-country-14
Tyler’s mom speaks about Ty’s Jeep as if it is an appendage.  Here I caught Ty’s reflection in the rear view while keeping the “Wrangler” logo visible:
This shot is a little more abstract– can you figure out how I created this photograph?
Off road!!!  When Tyler saw these photos he was flipping out– he couldn’t get over having professional photos of his Jeep… lol, the mud is flying!
I used a slow shutter speed to capture the movement of the Jeep…
He might have gotten it a little muddy 😉
Haaa!  Absolutely in his element!
Tyler helped me into the Jeep as we traveled to one of his favorite fishing holes in the Horse Valley Creek which runs through his family’s property.
He slipped on his vest, boots and grabbed his rod, I wanted to capture the scene from a distance and show the movement and reflections in the water.
It was a perfect day in early spring and green moss began to peek from the melting snow in the forest…
I love the light in late winter / early spring.  it is so pure and bright– the colors are captured beautifully…
Here I played with Tyler’s reflection… you can see his fishing rod and the remains of leaves from the fall.
Tyler’s mom knew she wanted to capture a lot in one shoot– football, his Jeep, bow hunting, fly fishing and some traditional portraits too.  She chose to book a double-session so that we could fit it all in and I really love how creative we were able to get with these!
We ending with bow hunting as we really liked the idea of silhouetting Tyler against the sky with his bow.
At one with the forest– if you look closely, you’ll see Tyler…
Tyler & Becky, thanks so much for inviting me to spend a few hours with you and document this incredible time in Tyler’s life and so many of the things he loves about growing up in Shippensburg!
I had an absolute blast riding in his Jeep and also saw several deer and even heard coyotes for the first time! Experiences like this are what make my job an adventure, capturing incredible people like this for their loved ones it what makes my job worthwhile.  I had such a blast working with you and am already looking forward to doing all over again with Braden!

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