OMG!!!!! Huffington Post "Best Wedding Photos of 2017" includes one of *my* photographs!!!!

Kelsey Borresen of Huffington Post writes:
“These Are The Best Wedding Photos Of 2017.”
“The very best wedding photos pull you in. It could be because of the emotion they portray, an awe-inspiring backdrop, a perfectly timed moment or how beautifully they capture the couple’s connection.”
She continues, “With 2017 coming to a close, we reached out to our network and scanned social media to find some of the most compelling images of the year. Here are the 32 images that made a lasting impression.”
Number 15 was this photograph of Steph’s pre-wedding excitement!!!  I probably feel this excited right now!!!
I knew from the moment that Steph described her personalized, vibrant hooded onesies with her fun, outgoing personality that I would have a special opportunity to capture Steph’s true colors– her 100% in her element!
I love working with clients who are unique and true to themselves, whether they are jumping on a bed or quietly wiping away a tear during their wedding vows.  The fact that my clients open up to me and whole-heartedly trust me to understand and capture their personality, style and relationship means the world to me and allows me to get some pretty unique images.
Here are a few times that those interesting photos of couples caught the eye of the editors at Huffington Post…
For their story on Athletic Engagementsathletic-engagments-rhinehart-photography-creative-best-unique-wedding-engagement-photographers-pa-md-ny-nj-nyc-dc-3
First Looks:
Dark Dresses:
Funny wedding moments
Wedding trends– mis-matched bridesmaids dresses:
Windswept Weddings:
Wedding favors:
Wedding Pups:
0-flower-dog 4-ringdog
Huffington post, thanks so much for reaching out to me and for taking the time to check out my work and share it with the world!  Thank you also to my clients for trusting me to capture so many unique and interesting moments for you– I love that you came to live out loud, and I’m so happy to have been there by your side to capture these incredible moments for you!

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