Omni Bedford Springs Wedding: Lily & Kevin

I had the best time with Lily & Kevin and their beautiful Omni Bedford Springs wedding in central Pennsylvania. Lily & Kevin have been together for 10 years and their wedding day was filled with love, laugher, and so many gorgeous details!  If you are looking for dreamy romantic wedding attire and decor, you won’t want to miss this blog!

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Why Rhinehart Photography?

Lily shares, “Kevin and I wanted beautiful photos, but are not fond of getting our picture taken, haha! We prefer a quick picture to capture the moment rather than a big production. We wanted a photographer with a lot of experience in the business. Someone who was able to capture us, our personalities, our love for each other, all of those special wedding day moments, etc. without too much time spent on photos.  We wanted to enjoy the day as it happened, rather than be burdened by the photos.”

She smiles, “All of this and more was fulfilled with Lisa Rhinehart Photography.  She was able to read my emotions and personality and knew exactly what I needed at the moment. On our wedding day, Lisa was able to adapt on the fly, even making major adjustments to our timeline. Lisa made us feel extremely comfortable and in times when we needed her direction or were feeling anxious in front of the lens, she knew exactly what to say and what to do to help us just relax and enjoy the moment.”

bride detail photo with wedding invitation Bella belle wedding shoes wedding rings and white flowers

Saying Yes to the Dress…

Lily shares, “I knew I had always wanted an a-line or ballgown silhouette. That silhouette is so classic to me and something I’ve always pictured myself in as a bride, even as a little girl. I think it’s the princess feel that I love.”

omni bedford springs wedding bride wearing robe looking at wedding dress hanging in front of a window reflected into mirror unique creative perspective

I love capturing simple moments like when the bridesmaids are helping Lily zip up her dress from a unique perspective.

bridesmaid helping button up wedding dress while getting ready unique angle best pa wedding photographer

A Modern Romantic Dress

Lily says, “What I love about my dress is that, although it is a very classic silhouette, the color – cappuccino, the material, the criss-cross around my bust, and the asymmetry of the appliques really modernizes it by making it soft, feminine, and romantic. Most of all I love how unique it is.”


bride wearing wedding dress looking at herself in mirror before ceremony beautiful central pa wedding photo

Such a beautiful bride!

traditional bridal portrait of bride looking down wearing wedding dress half up hairstyle wedding makeup

Pretty in Pink

Lily shares, “For the color palette, blush pink was an obvious choice for me– pink has always been my favorite color.”

She continues, “The bridal suite was absolutely gorgeous and had a very large balcony that came in handy while getting ready, and for photos, too!

The bridal suite at this Omni Bedford Springs wedding was truly stunning!

bride with bridesmaids wearing light pink dresses holding white floral bouquets outside on balcony Omni Bedford Springs best wedding photographer

Tears of a Mother

Lily says, “I think that my mom was really emotional during her first look because she had been planning the whole wedding with me and we just both couldn’t believe the day we had been waiting for was finally here.”

black and white emotional photo mom seeing daughter for first time on wedding day with tears

Family Ties

Lily shares, “I am extremely close with my whole family. I am truly fortunate to have grown up with and have a dad who works incredibly hard to support his family, a mom who goes above and beyond caring for her family,  and sisters who are truly more like best friends.”

father of the bride with bride mom and daughters traditional family portrait outside

Love Letters

Kevin shares, “The moment I met Lily I fell for her kind heartened, caring nature. She is never in a bad mood, always has a smile on her face and making you laugh.”

He continues, “She is extremely easy to talk to about anything, good or bad. The day we met we just walked and talked for an hour or two, barely knew anything about each other but immediately had a connection. From there, our relationship grew and within no time we were best friends that couldn’t go without one another.”

bride reading letter from groom morning of wedding smiling emotional creative perspective wedding photographer

Shared Values

Kevin says, “We both value our relationships and our time with friends and are lucky that we share similar friend groups so we are able to do things with friends with or without one another and not have any stress or hard feelings.”

I gave them some privacy by blurring the letter’s contents, but I’m sure Kevin talked about all his favorite things about Lily in the letter he gave to her before the ceremony.

close up photo of groom's letter to bride on wedding day bride holding letter with French manicure

Meet the Groom

Kevin shares, “We have been together for a while so we grew in our relationship and learned a lot about how we should treat one another. She has instilled in me that no matter what to always tell the truth.”

While I was photographing Lily and her wedding party, my second photographer, Sean was photographing Kevin and the groomsmen.  He 100% nailed the look with this masculine, dapper, shot of Kevin getting ready!

mood lighting groom looking out window holding suit jacket open

Mr. Blue Eyes

Lily shares, “I immediately fell for Kevin’s beautiful blue eyes. In getting to know him better, I fell in love with his sense of humor and personality. Kevin constantly is making me laugh.

Lily continues, “I think, perhaps, the thing I love the most about Kevin is how loyal he is to his friends and family. If you have a friend in Kevin, you have a friend for life. I feel so blessed to have him as not only a best friend but my soul mate.”

portrait of groom smiling looking off into the distance sitting on steps during portrait wearing white bow tie

Time to Get Married

Kevin shares, “Our friends have been close for so long and have seen our relationship grow so it was special having so many of them there.”

groom and groomsmen smiling and looking at each other standing on steps Omni Bedford Springs

Everyone was all smiles, even on the Elevator, on Lily & Kevin’s long-awaited wedding day!

groomsmen laughing creative unique angle best pa wedding photographer

Omni Bedford Springs Wedding

The Omni is one of my favorite places ever.  I work there (and am so proud to be one of their preferred photographers) and I have fun there, too!  Spa day with my girlfriends, anniversary trip with my husband.  I’ve even spent my birthday lounging at the pool there!

All of that to say, I know this place like the back of my hand and love it as much as my clients do.  I knew the grotto would give me the perfect vantage point of the ornate Victorian hotel architecture, and if you look closely you can see Lily and her father, preparing to walk down the aisle.

bride walking to first look outside omni Bedford springs wedding grounds outside wide angle perspective

Teary First Look

Kevin shares, “I always knew I would get emotional when I first saw Lily in her dress. It has been a long time coming for us. Lily and I always talked about getting married and it felt like everything was going just as we dreamed it would be.”

officiant and groom wiping tears from his eyes at the front of the altar during wedding ceremony

Grotto Wedding Ceremony

Lily shares, “Although I had always dreamed of a ballroom wedding indoors, I had always pictured the ceremony outdoors. When we walked up to the grotto for the first time, it was like we could picture ourselves getting married there. It is so beautiful, green, and secluded.” 

The Grotto was the perfect ceremony location for this Omni Bedford Springs wedding.

father of the bride giving away daughter to groom before wedding ceremony flower lined aisle with white chairs grotto at Omni Bedford Springs

Now it’s the mother of the groom’s turn to cry ;).  I believe that all emotions are beautiful, tears especially speak volumes.

black and white photo of groom's mom crying during wedding ceremony emotional best photographer

An Emotional Day

Kevin shares, “Everything about the wedding was pretty emotional because it just felt like a long time coming for Lily and I.”

Lily & Kevin have been together for 10 years so it was definitely a long-awaited wedding day!

bride and groom holding hands smiling at each other while officiant starts wedding ceremony white curtains and flowers at altar

It’s all About Perspective

I move around a lot on a wedding day. I’m near, far, high, low– in this case, I wanted to show the layers of this scene from the grotto itself and waterfall, to the couple, trees, guests, wedding party.

As I backed up this single leaf dangled in my frame, and I knew it was perfect. It added that final layer to this photo and gives it the private secluded vibe that the wedding was completely surrounded by trees.

Omni bedford springs wedding ceremony wide angle of guests and bride and groom during wedding ceremony trees in background

The Perfect Match

Lily smiles, “I am happy to be married to a man who is loyal and honest and who puts his family and friends first. I’m looking forward to raising a beautiful family of our own.”

Kevin says, “I already know without a doubt she will make the best mother. She has talked about having kids since the day we met it has been always been a dream of hers to raise a family and I am so lucky to be her husband.”

bride and groom holding hands during ceremony smiling at officiant during vows outside grotto award winning wedding photographer

Sometimes the moments aren’t visible to the full audience, sometimes even the way they hold hands can be so beautiful and say so much!

black and white photo of bride and groom holding hands during wedding ceremony while officiant reads

Exchanging of Rings

I love the way Kevin looks down at his hand while Lily puts on his wedding ring, finally!

bride putting ring on groom during wedding ceremony while bridesmaids wearing light pink dresses smile watching outdoor wedding ceremony

The First Kiss!

Having two photographers offers two very different perspectives!

wide angle perspective bride and groom first kiss in grotto at Omni Bedford Springs with trees and greenery in background as guests smile watching

Reliving Special Moments

Lily & Kevin share, “When we look through our wedding photos we are hoping to relive our wedding day. We want to see all of those special moments we shared day-of and experience them again.”

Here the wedding party cheers on Lily & Kevin:

black and white photo of bridal party cheering while bride and groom have first kiss fun emotional

Husband and Wife, Finally!

Kevin shares, “We started dating in freshman year of high school, our relationship grew quickly and before I knew it we were best friends. We’ve been together for a whole decade now and I feel like I’ve know Lily my entire life even though it’s only be these 10 years.”

For this shot, I wanted to capture the happy couple and frame them in all those gorgeous flowers!

omni bedford springs wedding bride and groom cheering after becoming husband and wife smiling in front of white curtains and floral arrangements

A Moment Alone

As soon as they were pronounced husband and wife they took a moment alone as the rest of the bridal party processed down the long aisle. Shortly after they made their way to the steps.

Kevin shares, “It’s hard to pick my favorite part of the day, but some definitely stand out. Just after the ceremony, it was so nice to get a moment of fresh air and just be together.”

bride and groom holding each other while sharing a moment alone after wedding ceremony outside with greenery surrounding them

10 mins, and go!!!

Haha, Lily and Kevin are both camera shy and really didn’t want to spend much time taking photos.

Lily laughed, “I remember Lisa and I made eye contact once we crossed the bridge towards our reception.  In my head, I thought, “I am about done with pictures for the day.”  While I was thinking this, Lisa looked at her camera, scrolling through a few photos, and looked back up at me.  Lisa said, “We have some beautiful photos, we could get more, but if you prefer downtime before the reception that would be OK, too.”

She smiled, “This was so great to hear and just the reason we chose Lisa as our wedding photographer. With all of the experience Lisa has, I’m confident that she was able to capture every moment we wanted and more, even in the little amount of time we allotted for photos (which was cut even shorter!)  She read my mind and was able to go with the flow.  How could I ask for more?”

I’m always game for whatever my couples want and gave them 100% during the ten minutes we had, even without knowing we’d be cut short!  I’m super happy with the results!

omni bedford springs wedding bride and groom walking smiling at each other holding white bridal bouquet

As they crossed the bridge, the wind blew Lily’s veil and train— I loved the dramatic look of this and framed them both with the bridge and the hotel, just as the wind blew Lily’s hair and they stopped for a kiss!

black and white photo of bride and groom sharing a kiss walking along bride at Omni Bedford Springs

Amazing People & Service

Kevin shares, “I have so many memories and favorite moments from the wedding it is hard to choose. The whole weekend in itself was special being with both of our extended families, friends that came in from out of town, and so many nice people at the resort.”

Once we arrived at the other side of the bridge staff from this exquisite Omni Bedford Springs Wedding arrived with buttled hors d’oeuvres and  Lily popped one in Kevin’s mouth, haha!

bride feeding groom hors dévoreurs during cocktail hour creative authentic candid omni wedding photographer

Champagne Place Cards?  Yes, Please!

Lily shares, “I liked to tell vendors that I wanted it “classic and simple but over the top,” which totally sounds like an oxymoron but they all seemed to get it!”

Every detail was on point, including the place card champagne wall.

champagne wall seating chart while guests enjoy food during cocktail hour

Gorgeous Flowers

Lily says, “Flowers, although there were A LOT of them, they were very simple and consistent. We stuck to just 3 types of flowers and only whites and pinks.”

Sometimes simple is best! These centerpieces were so elegant and gorgeous.

table place settings gold ringed chargers white bouquet in vase for centerpiece pink tablecloths

All the Romance

Lily shares, “Romantic was the vibe I was going for. I wanted a very classic, clean, and elegant wedding and that really showed through all of the details.”

She continues, “In changing our venue from the ballroom to the tent, I had to adjust my vision a tad bit. I started to envision somewhat of a spring garden, and added some more greenery to tie in the grass floor.”

I love the touches of greenery along the center of the table here.

champagne glass seating chart with pink tablecloths and flowers and candles as centerpieces

New Last Name!

I loved this small touch of the place card with Lily’s new last name!

head table place setting with tea light candle and drink

First Dance

Kevin shares, “I always have dreamed of having a family with Lily. Our future aligns well given we both come from families that value the same things. We are looking forward to building a life and a family together.”

I love the bridal party’s reaction in the background! So many tears were shed on this long-awaited wedding day.

bridal party looks on during bride and groom emotional first dance outside in tent at omni Bedford springs wedding

How Sweet It Is!

Kevin shares, “I think that we both compliment each other well in our relationship. We are easy-going people and our relationship is that way as well.”

Lily & Kevin were such an easy-going couple on their wedding day as well. They went with the flow and everything turned out perfect! I mean, look at this gorgeous cake!

omni bedford springs wedding bride and groom kiss after cake cutting while holding cake with white icing and flowers cascading down it

Daddy’s Little Girl

Lily shares, “Our only viable option was to have our wedding in a tent on the front lawn. I am definitely not the most outdoorsy persona and having my wedding in a tent made me seriously consider canceling or postponing.

She continues, “I was reassured by my amazing wedding planner, Christina, that we would be able to make the tent absolutely gorgeous and that it would be everything I wanted and more. I’m happy to say that was she was right!”

The tent and wedding party table though, what a stunning backdrop!  And the white dance floor with the manicured green lawn peeking through– wow!

omni bedford springs wedding bride and father share dance in front of head table outside in tent with drapery from ceilings

Mama’s Boy!

I love this sweet moment shared between Kevin and his mom during their mother-son dance.

groom and mother share dance during wedding reception mom smiling

For this shot, Kevin and his mom dance, & his sisters watch, leaning on each other, framing the mother-son duo.

groom and mother share dance while bridal party members put arms around each other in foreground fun pennsylvania wedding photographer Omni Bedford Springs

Let’s Get This Party Started!

Lily shares, “I knew I wanted some live music aspect to the reception and Brian Fitzy (the violinist) was the obvious choice. Fitzy is a childhood friend of my brother-in-law and they had him pair with a DJ at their wedding and he is just so amazing!”

She continues, “I mean the dance floor was constantly packed at our wedding, just the way I wanted it!” 

The electric violin was such a fun way to keep people on the dance floor!

musician plays electric violin during wedding reception while guests dance in background with lights on tent

A True Reunion

Lily shares, “As much as planning a wedding throughout COVID was a pain, it really made the wedding extra special. After over a year of  not seeing most family and friends, it was truly more than a wedding, it was also a reunion.”

I loved watching twilight through the tent at this Omni Bedford Springs wedding — it really has to be one of my very favorite tents ever from All Occasions Party Rental!! 

guests dance and sing during wedding reception under tent with drapery and string lights at omni bedford

Dance: Lily’s Wedding Goal!

Lily smiles, “I absolutely love music and dancing! I told all of my vendors that I just wanted to dance on my wedding day, and I made sure to allow the maximum amount of time possible for open dancing.” 

omni bedford springs wedding bride and groom and guests dance together during wedding reception under tent during twilight with gorgeous drapery and twinkle lights at Omni Bedford Springs best pa wedding photographer unique creative nontraditional fun

Lily & Kevin’s Wedding Slideshow

See even more photos from Lily & Kevin’s Omni Bedford Springs wedding set to music in the slideshow below!

Hungry for More?

Omni Bedford Springs Wedding Vendors

They smile, “Truly everyone is deserving of a special shout out, every single one of our vendors were absolutely amazing, we were so lucky.”

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