Lehigh Valley Family Lifestyle Photographer: Macus Family

This is my 6th time working with the Macus family as a family lifestyle photographer!  The first time was for their engagement session several years ago.  Since then I’ve photographed everything from their wedding to maternity and baby photos to them teaching their little guys how to snowboard!

This session has its own vibe and was at the Trexler Nature Preserve in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.  A place near and dear to them and one that I visited frequently as a child.

lifestyle family photographer family walking hand in hand with dogs at Lehigh valley trexler nature preserve

Why Rhinehart Photography?

Ashley and Joe smile, “We have always loved Lisa’s creativity and vivid pictures! She is fun to work with and always takes the time to learn what we are looking for. Lisa takes that and of course, goes above and beyond our expectations.”

family driving suburban through creek to get to nature preserve

Where the Buffalo Roam

They share, “The boys love the game preserve. They love running, exploring, hiking, and of course, seeing the buffalo. We spend many weekends hiking up the trails that lead to the buffalo, as it gets the kids out of the house, staying active, and just enjoying nature and the little things…rather than competing in WWE round 586 in our living room, haha!” 

lifestyle family photographer boys standing hand in hand behind fence watching buffalo at trexler nature preserve

buffalo grazing in grass at trexler nature preserve outdoors

Why the Trexler Nature Preserve?

They say, “We chose the game preserve because our family spends a lot of time hiking and exploring there. Our youngest, Christian, could watch the buffalo for hours.”

family walking hand in hand wildlife crossing sign Lehigh valley zoo family photographer

4-Legged Family Members

They share, “The puppies are such an important part of our family. We have had Jake since before we got engaged or had kids, and we added Bella to our family in September. We wanted her to learn from Jake and to help keep him youthful as he ages. The pups have quickly formed a bond between each other and our boys. They are always the happiest members of the family, ready to greet with wagging tails and a whole lot of puppy cuddles and kisses.”

close up photo of dog with mouth open wearing peach plaid bandana

joyful lifestyle family photographer woman holding puppy outside smiling

buffalo roaming at trexler nature preserve family walking in distance hand in hand

Authentic, Candid Moments

As a family lifestyle photographer, my favorite photos to capture are the candid moments of the family just being together. 🙂

black and white photo lifestyle family photographer family sitting in grass Lehigh valley laughing and smiling

lifestyle family photographer traditional portrait family sitting in grass at Lehigh valley trexler nature preserve

joyful family photographer Lehigh valley central pa dad holding both sons in each arm smiling outside traditional family portrait

black and white photo of dad holding sons kissing on cheek central pa lifestyle photographer

central pa Lehigh valley family photographer family walking hand in hand with dogs

All the Energy!!

They share, “We love keeping our boys super active. We have found that they are happier and that we can really see them loving and embracing childhood when they are outdoors and doing things they love. We spend countless hours hiking, swimming, skating, snowboarding, biking, playing hockey, and just finding anything and everything that keeps us outside and active as a family.”

boy running slow shutter speed family fun photographer

black and white photo of boy running central pa family lifestyle photographer

Who is Walking Who?

Ashley & Joe say, “We are pretty much an outdoorsy, fun-loving family so we just wanted to capture that and embrace the boys, our dogs, and all of the craziness that comes along with raising an active, young family.”

boy running with dog leash in hand dog following behind him central pa family photographer

puppy rolling around in grass

puppy looking at camera with mouth open laying in the grass

Giving Back Through ISR

Ashley shares, “As a former teacher, lifeguard, and pool manager, I knew that ISR (Infant Swimming Resource) was the perfect way to combine my strengths and give back to my community. It took 8 weeks of dedication, including a 7-week long-distance, family move to Florida, but together we all leaned on each other to make this dream a reality.”

She continues, “I have been able to increase the reach of ISR in the Lehigh Valley and look forward to continuing to improve the lives and safety of my students in and around water.”

irs infant swimming resource swim instructor headshot in swimming pool

boy swimming in pool smiling happy joyful lifestyle photographer

Confident Swimmers in the End

Ashley says, “ISR has been such a valuable program for our family. I learned about ISR when Joey was just a baby. I knew that I wanted him to have the skills to save his life should he ever encounter water unattended. Little did I know at the time that he would get so much more from the program.”

She continues, “Joey developed a love of the water that will last a lifetime and most importantly, confidence in himself and his skills. The program was amazing for Christian as well, and I loved that although they both learned differently, they both became confident, skilled swimmers and floaters in the end. ”

irs instructor mom helping boy float in swimming pool

black and white photo of family sticking tongues out in swimming pool

lifestyle family photographer central pa dad throwing sons in swimming pool

dad throwing son in swimming pool both laughing and smiling

The Perfect Family Home

Ashley & Joe share, “We have loved building our home and little-by-little adding to it in order to make it the perfect place for our growing family. We love the outdoor living space as it is something we value as a family and look forward to watching our kids grow into over the years.”

boys walking down steps to get to outdoor patio at home

I Want S’more

Ashley shares, “We chose our backyard pool and fire pit because it is where we spend much of our time relaxing as a family when we are not out adventuring.  Joe, the former deputy fire chief, enjoys the family time and tending to backyard fires in the fire pit.”

dad and sons sitting in front of fire pit roasting marshmallows at home central pa lifestyle family photographer

boy holding smore smiling in front of fire pit at family photo Lehigh valley photographer

It’s All About the Boys

They share, “As with most couples, parenthood has definitely changed our relationship. We value the importance of each other and prioritize date nights and spending time together, but the majority of the time, it’s all about the boys.”

They continue, “We communicate, plan ahead, and always try to have something going on for them to keep them happy, active, and engaged. We lean on each other’s strengths to lead by example; Ashley with her patience, problem-solving skills, and fun-loving personality, and Joe with his strength, work ethic, and confidence.”

couple standing in front of fire pit embracing at their home central pa lifestyle photographer

central pa Lehigh valley lifestyle family photographer family sitting by pool at night silhouetted

Macus Family Lifestyle Session Slideshow

See even more photos from the Macus Family Lifestyle Session set to music in the slideshow below!

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