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Whether you are a small business owner, entrepreneur or online influencer– having high-quality, eye-catching creative branding photography will level-up your brand!  My goal?  To position you as an industry leader, on social media, your website and beyond! 

Personalized photography content, visually conveying your unique brand will bring you the visibility you need to stand out in your industry & grow!  We will consciously create content together in a way that feels authentic to you, your brand, and it’s mission. 

I’ve worked with brands like Volvo, Hershey’s, Four Seasons and for small businesses and organizations & I’m so excited to capture your brand!

Why Branding Photography?
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You need Me if:

  1. You are ready to connect more deeply with your audience and allow yourself to shine as the outstanding business person you are. 
  2. You are ready to grow, and stand out in your industry by telling your unique story through creative, authentic, emotive imagery.
  3. You want a friendly professional to guide you through the experience, finding the best lighting, angles, backdrops, poses, and even assisting with planning to give you stock images that feature you, your office, coworkers, etc. for use in marketing materials.

Business branding photography can be seen everywhere from websites to social media platforms and more.  My work has appeared in large format on billboards to small format on business cards and everything in between!


Why this Branding Photographer?
“Lisa is incredibly thoughtful and engaging. She made me feel relaxed and had so many creative branding ideas. I usually feel awkward in front of a camera but felt so much more confident with Lisa. She captured me naturally.”
"Lisa is a poet with a camera, she captures and distills not only you but your story. Her attention to the personal details of your life before the shoot still leaves room for creative spontaneity that makes her images fresh and exciting. I was so comfortable during the photo shoot, playing around, singing and dancing, and I love the results!"
“Lisa's work is so emotionally gripping and communicates the unfiltered depth of human emotion in a beautiful and full range. As for the final products, Lisa's photos clearly communicated our brand. We have already been able to utilize her imagery in so many ways."


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Integrative Dermatologist
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Branding Photography Packages

Yes, I personally photograph each branding session that I book.  Images on my blog were shot by me and are not a compilation of dozens of photographers’ best work. When you book me, what you see is what you get–  quality artisanship and personal attention.

I know it's common for photographers to only edit the shots for the blog and give clients the un-edited "b-roll," but it's important to me to give you "all the moments" even if it takes some serious time and effort on my part.  During a shoot, I might only blog 25 shots, but deliver 200 photos.  That is a lot of extra time and attention spent perfecting exposure, crop, white balance etc on each image, but I have heard from many past clients that it means so much to them, so it is worth it for me!

Yes, I include this with every full branding package, and most clients say it is the most helpful and least expected of my package offerings.  I find out more about you, your brand, what sets you apart and how to visually convey those concepts and arrange them in a realistic and comfortable timeline.  Basically, I help you to figure out what fits *you* best and work through the logistics to reach your photography goals.  I'll help you think through all sorts of things from what to wear and where to shoot and figure out what works best for your brand, every one is different!  

Your online gallery displays your full set of high-resolution, polished photos.  Clients are able to view and purchase prints directly from the site.  Anyone with a full package will also be able to download high-res files.  My site is directly connected to my favorite printer in San Francisco who also use the best quality archival inks, papers etc.  Watermarks and copyright information will not appear on downloads or prints.  You are able to use your digital files to create your own items from business cards to billboards! 

I don't take chances with your branding shoot.  I have multiple cameras, lenses, batteries, etc. just in case of technical difficulties of any kind. After photographing for over ten years, I can tell you, this is important and something I've had to use.  It is a big investment on my part, and something that I'm happy to do for my clients.

my starting package is "Partial" and $2400, I ALSO HAVE A "START SMALL" OPTION THAT IS $750 FOR A mini SESSION. Please contact me for information about branding photography packages & al la carte options.



Would you believe me if I said a majority of my clients worry about this? Don’t worry. I don’t expect you to be a professional model. First of all, I’ll take some time to get to know you first, we’ll choose a location and look that makes you feel comfortable. We'll also plan to have plenty of time, so no one feels rushed.  When I do start taking photos, the process is laid back. I’ll find the most beautiful lighting and scenery and give you easy instructions, asking you to move and interact in a way that allows me to capture candid moments in a flattering style. There will be times when you probably forget I’m right there. When viewing your finished photos, you'll probably say something like, "OMG this is me, who knew I was so cute/cool/fun?"  At least, this has been my experience so far!

Branding shoots are typically photographed on Mondays or Wednesdays. However, I try to be flexible for my clients and their business, so if those days cannot work, we will find something that does!

I am able to photograph anything really, and literally custom taylor my coverage to meet your unique needs.  I typically focus on capturing creative portraits and an eclectic mix of photos that tell your personal story, including natural moments as they occur.  Everything from professional headshots, lifestyle headshots (showing your personality and interests), behind the scenes photos (including client interaction and you at work), detail shots (including products or items with your branding) and interiors and exteriors if applicable. I have photographed many unique businesses and really I love diversity and am up for whatever!

Of Course you are (don't worry most of them felt the same way)!  Remember you'll be seeing yourself **through my eyes**. I'll take time to get to know you and suggest interesting ideas as early as our first meeting.  I can't wait to capture photos that are uniquely you and your business!

Don't worry!  As we brainstorm together I'll give you a general idea of how long each of your concepts will take to photograph.  I'll create a basic timeline to accomplish those goals in a way that is realistic and low-stress so that your true colors will show in camera.  

Absolutely!  If you book me, I will be the photographer assigned to your session. I do not assign different photographers to my clients. All of the images on my site were shot by me or my assistant, and are not a compilation of dozens of photographers’ best work. When you book me, what you see is what you get–quality artisanship and personal attention.

Sure is!  I've been a professional photographer for over ten years.  I still have to pinch myself sometimes that I get to do something that is so much fun on a daily basis!  Most wedding photographers do this in addition to their full time job.  By hiring me, you know that this is my full-time occupation and that you and your business gets my full attention.  

Anywhere.  While you've probably noticed most of my work is close-ish to home: DC, NYC, Philly, Pennsylvania etc I've also traveled a little farther for clients in Nashville, Niagara Falls, Outer Banks and many other locations. 

You are not alone, this actually happens a lot-- I know as a small business owner myself, investing in your business requires planning, it also usually takes a bit to get on my calendar.  If your heart is set on working together, your best bet is to reach out and say something like, "I'm planning to get branding photos in (insert your season of choice)" and ask to schedule a preliminary video chat, this will get the process started.  This sort of flexibility basically ensures that we will be able to work together & give you time to plan, yay!!!

Now!  If your heart is set on working together, your best bet is to reach out and say something like, "I'd really like to have branding photography done (insert your season of choice) and (insert year or choice)" and ask me what dates I have open.  This sort of flexibility basically ensures that we will be able to work together yay!!!

Easy!  Just contact me and we'll arrange a time to get to know each other over video chat and ensure that we are a perfect match.  Making it official is easy, too--  everything can be done on-line and takes about ten minutes! Click here to contact me!

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