Monmouth Wedding Photography South Gate Manor Photographers: Christina & Pete

A  former US President’s home & an amazing reception featuring live percussion, a spectacular light show and *flaming* baked Alaska …
This elegant wedding was completely unique!  Christina & Pete’s wedding day was action packed, fun and family-focused at it’s core.  South Gate Manor and Monmouth University were both key locations for the day.
While Christina likes more traditional portraits, Pete prefers to see more creativity in photography– silhouettes, reflections etc.  I worked throughout the day to get a good mix of each, here both traditional and creative styles are featured in one image…
Christina loves chandeliers, she said it was the only thing that her wedding photography would be missing– I saw this chandelier in her parents foyer and new it would be the perfect place to hang Christina’s wedding gown, now she definitely has a chandelier featured in her wedding photography.
Christina’s bouquet was absolutely stunning!  It was created by Steve at Eltingville Florist… Christina & Pete shared that not only was he talented but also patient and kind, too– what a fantastic combination  :).
Christina has a cheerful, bubbly personality she was completely overflowing with energy and excitement all day.  I really wanted to capture her personality and emotion in a more traditional portrait with a modern feel…
Here are Christina’s beautiful bridesmaids…  I have had the pleasure of photographing her sister, Donna’s engagement (to Christina’s left) as well as Pete’s sister, Lori’s engagement and wedding (to Christina’s right).  It was so nice to see everyone again and Donna, I’m super excited for your upcoming wedding day!!!
It is clear that these groomsmen are close.  Pete shared that whether they are originally part of his family, Christina’s family or a close friend, they have all been like brothers to him.  They’ve all taught him different life lessons, shared their interests and supported Pete in different ways.
Role reverals: Christina’s sister, Donna, and her fiance, Nick, were at Christina and Pete’s side as maid of honor and best man.  Pete & Christina said that they hope to be able to be just as supportive this fall, when the *roles reverse* and Donna & Nick walk down the aisle and Christina & Pete will be in their bridal party!!!
Here Nick tells Pete that Christina is just about visible, Pete takes a deep breath right before he watches Christina and her father walk down the aisle towards him…
Next we were off to Monmouth University— it was the one place that they both really wanted to visit during their wedding day.  Pete attended Monmouth University and it was a key part of Christina & Pete’s relationship and and important part of their past.
The gardens surrounding Wilson Hall were absolutely stunning, I was drawn to this space in particular for the bridal party as there were coral buds on the Spring trees that almost matched the bridesmaids gowns and the green to compliment it, the whole scene just pops!
If this venue looks familiar, it may be because it was used as a movie set… leaping lizards, any guesses?  It was the Warbucks mansion in Annie!  My inner 10 year old self wanted to tap dance up the stairs hahaha.
Pete & Christina worked with Wayne from Emerald Films for the wedding video and I as impressed, what an awesome team player.  We were able to “ping pong” back and forth with photo and video which was very nice and I think that style served Christina & Pete well ;).
Pete was incredibly excited to visit the third floor of Wilson Hall with all of it’s intricate glass work.  Fun fact, this served as President Woodrow Wilson’s summer home in the early 1900’s(!)
When Christina walked into the reception hall at South Gate Manor, she was speechless, it seriously took her breath away.  To see everything come together so beautifully was beyond anything she could have imagined!
Platinum Entertainment provided Pete & Christina with this elaborate lighting and entertainment… wait until you see the percussion!!  Here Christina is dancing with her father for the father-daughter dance.
Christina’s sister, Donna, was her maid of honor and her sister’s fiance, Nick, was the best man…  Christina & Pete will be in their wedding this fall– how cool is that?    They both gave amazing speeches, here Nick is really bringing on the comedy…
Viennese hour was off the charts amazing– here one of the chefs is making baked alaska…
I told you the lighting was awesome…
Speaking of awesome, you should have heard Pete on the drums!!!  I believe this is actually an action shot of him breaking the drumstick in half! haha
And after all the planning and emotion of the day, we are back to just Pete & Christina, a couple who is madly in love and excited for this new chapter in their lives– the honeymoon, their new house, what a beautiful beginning for two lovely people!
Christina & Pete, thank you for inviting me to be by your side during your wedding day, it was such a pleasure– congratulations, guys!!!

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