NYC Creative Engagement Photographers: Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge, the New York Skyline and two adorable “foodies”…
I first met Alessia three years ago at her best friend’s wedding (Lori & Thomas) where she approached me and said, “When I get married you are going to be my wedding photographer,” she even followed it up with an email!!  At the time she wasn’t engaged, but as soon as Mike popped the question I was the first vendor she contacted– we clicked from day one. 🙂
We met in Brooklyn for their engagement photos.  I noticed this metallic relief map embedded in the pavement  and photographed Alessia’s engagement ring on it.  It’s perfect because it  literally says Brooklyn and the metal gives the map a classic feel with a bit of an edge– perfect for their personal style…nyc-creative-engagement-photographer-brooklyn-bridge-engagement-photography-art-best-2
The Brooklyn bridge, such an iconic location!  They chose DUMBO because of the bridges, water, cobblestone and because there is great food in any direction you turn!
Alessia has guts & spunk and is also one of the very sweetest people you will ever meet!  Mike has a great sense of humor, is down-to-earth and completely on the ball.  He graduated as a chef from the Culinary Institute of America and owns Gio’s Catering.
Alessia & Mike’s story is one of “love at first bite” haha, as they first fell for eachother when was invited to attend a party at his house– the food was incredible from the open pit BBQ with slab bacon to the shrimp and clams on the grill, she was hooked!
Here they are in Dumbo– you can even see the New York City skyline in the distance…
Alessia & Mike  are loads of fun!  They are so upbeat and positive, even when dealing with a stressful situation.   I saw this first hand on the day of thier engagement shoot, when I was on the next commuter train from Harrisburg to NYC after the Amtrak  derailment occurred.
I wasn’t sure how to make it into New York when I was asked to evacuate the train in Philly, but  Mike & Alessia were awesome and patient.  While I was navigating from train, to bus, to subway to taxi their text messages revolved around one thing, making sure I was well fed haha “How about lobster? Do you like lobster?  We can have it waiting here for you!” Mike texted me, hahahaha.
nyc-creative-engagement-photographer-brooklyn-bridge-engagement-photography-art-best-14While we were walking, I noticed this super cool window…
This street art is creative and so well done.  It brings a little edge to the photos– it reminds me of Mike’s sleeve (tattoo) in a way because the art is literally on them in these photos.
I like this photograph in particular because I lined up the blue design along Alessia’s shoulder like an angel’s halo & wing.  It gives Mike a wing as well and surrounds them with fire– so cool!  🙂
Alessia & Mike love art and see it in their everyday lives, style is something that they both enjoy.  Alessia shared that even when they are throwing a party, she’ll make subtle changes to the decor in their home and Mike is a visual perfectionist and creates platters that are works of art.
Speaking of parties, entertaining is what they do–  from Sushi Night (where they make their own sushi rolls) to pasta night (again they make their own from scratch), basically  any excuse to get friends together and eat is always a good time with these two!
Alessia & Mike have a really cool style– their wardrobe for this shoot really shows off the creative, romantic, city-loving sides of their personalities so well.  I like this shot– you can really see Alessia’s “love” scarf!
I told you she had spunk!  Not only is she up for a piggie back ride in heels, she also ran in Mudderella a few days before her engagement photos and had some battle wounds.
While I avoided photographing them in most photos, I wanted one image that shows what a strong, daring young woman Alessia is! A bonus is that Mike is literally supporting her in the photo as she dares to do the impossible– cross beach stone in heels! hehe
Mike and Alessia– it has been such a pleasure to get to know you two over the past few years!  Thank you for letting me inside your NYC foodie world for a bit, I can’t wait to see (and taste haha) your Liberty Warehouse wedding in September!

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