Kailer & Jayleen: LGBTQ Wedding Photographer

This vibrant after-session features a fun-loving LGBTQ couple at the Kings Gap Mansion in Carlisle, Pennsylvania— what a treat for me, an LGBTQ Wedding Photographer!  Booking an after-session with me allowed Kailer & Jayleen to be photographed during the most colorful parts of the day (golden hour and twilight) in their wedding attire at a place that is really important to them as a couple.  We captured so many incredible moments and even shared one later, in Washington DC!

washington dc LGBTQ Wedding Photographer, lisa rhinehart, captures this vibrant, colorful silhouette of this couple as they dance while watching the sunset at Kings Gap Mansion

Why Rhinehart Photography?

Jayleen shares, “The most important factor in deciding on a photographer was someone who is LGBTQ+ inclusive. We’re a proud queer & trans couple so we would only feel comfortable being in front of the camera if we knew the person behind the lens truly saw and appreciated who we are.

Kailer adds, “I found your website and shared it with Jayleen immediately because of the LGBTQ+ representation as well as how amazing the photos were. Working with Lisa felt like being with a friend with a camera.

Jayleen smiles, “Oooo yes, I love how you worded that! Lisa makes you feel so comfortable that you forget that you really have only spent a handful of moments together. She helps you relax, ease into conversation, and playfulness. Next thing you know, you’re just doing your thing together while Lisa snaps away, offering suggestions if needed along the way.”

Kings Gap Mansion photographer, lisa rhinehart, captures this couple as they are laughing and smiling at one another among the trees as the golden sun sets behind them

Colorful Bespoke Attire

Kailer says, “I didn’t just want a boring suit so I chose something bright for our wedding and it was still just as perfect for the after-session. I felt like my best self in that suit, which also helped me relax in front of the camera. It was also a beautiful contrast to fall’s earth tones, and I just loved the splash of colors we brought to the shoot.” 

Jayleen shares, “When I brought out the boots and wedding dress for the after session, I saw how dirty the bottom of the dress was–a sign of a good time! So I went into the after session committed and ready to fully embrace the experience and dance around the leaves and dirt.”

As an LGBTQ wedding Photographer, it’s common for my couples to be proudly showcasing their unique sense of style, which is so much fun for me to capture!  I definitely loved showcasing Jayleen’s dress– that purple!!

Kings gap mansion photographer, lisa rhinehart, captures this image of the couple as they are gathering the colorful dress up to head to next photo location

Why an After-Session?

Kailer shares, “I had suggested doing an after-session because I wanted to make sure we had special moments captured in nature. Nature is an important backdrop to our entire relationship, and we wanted to showcase that.”

Jayleen adds, “I was excited to have this intimate time out in the woods with my love, but also, I was super excited to wear our wedding attire again! I mean c’mon, these aren’t clothes we will get to wear just anywhere. As soon as I put that dress back on, I was transported back to our absolutely love-filled wedding day.” 

Kailer says, “I would 100% recommend an after-session. It takes the pressure off from the wedding day to get all the pictures in.” 

Jayleen agrees, “The wedding day is a whirlwind to begin with so it’s nice to have more of the special, intimate moments with your love. I would tell folks that if it’s possible, definitely go for it! I would also say that it offers an opportunity to highlight another element of your love story. As we shared, there’s something about the trees in autumn that is essential to understanding our connection.”

Creative LGBTQ Wedding Photographer, Lisa Rhinehart, captures this unique, creative image of the couple looking off into sunset caught in the reflection of the glass at the mansion LGBTQ Wedding Photographer

Kailer shares, “We’re proud to be a queer couple! So of course, we brought our inclusive rainbow flag along.”

Jayleen continues, “Identifying as a trans, non-binary, and queer couple is at the heart of so much we stand for. Our existence is resistance and what better way to manifest queer joy than skipping defiantly in the face of hate.”

washington dc lgbtq inclusive wedding photographer, lisa rhinehart, captures the couple as they walk with joy through the woods holding their rainbow flag smiling and laughing with one another They Wanted Vibrant Color to Shine

Both with attire and with setting so we chose October for their shoot date, just check out the color in this scene!

Washington DC LGBTQ wedding photographer, lisa rhinehart, captures the couple spinning amongst the vibrant, fall leaves in their colorful wedding attire at the mansion

Traditional Photos, too!

While my focus is colorful, creative, custom-tailored photography, I also make sure to get flattering, well-composed, and lit photos of each couple in addition to those creative images, too.

traditional portrait of the couple as they embrace one another and smile at the camera in their colorful wedding attire surrounded by the vibrant yellow glow from the sun and leaves around them

Kings Gap Mansion in Carlisle, PA

Jayleen smiles, “Our story started in Shippensburg so we knew we wanted a place to honor that beginning. We chose Kings Gap because it’s a local gem, we’ve hiked there many times, and the views are just beautiful.”

kings gap mansion photographer, lisa rhinehart, captures this image of the couple standing in front of the stone mansion in their vibrant, colorful wedding attire during their after session

Creative LGBTQ Wedding Photographer

Kailer shares, “We’re both empaths and always in our feels. We made it clear that we wanted to be seen for who we are, not who we’re expected to be.”  

Jayleen continues, “I’m right there with you on that–we wanted emotion to shine through these pictures, and I really think Lisa captured it. One of my favorite pictures from the after-session is where I am dancing, twirling my cape while Kailer sits and watches. For me, dancing is one of the most intimate experiences between people and I just tend to dance whenever, wherever; however, I especially love dancing with him. I’m going to hold onto that picture forever.”

Creative LGBTQ Wedding Photographer, lisa rhinehart, captures this vibrant, colorful, creative image of the couple in nature with their reflection s captured as well

Celestial Vibes: Sun + Moon

Kailer smiles, “We really do balance each other out like the sun and moon.”

Jayleen adds, “Yes! This reminds me of one of my favorite moments from our beginning. Kailer bought me Chani Nicholas’ ‘You Were Born for This’ because of my absolute love and fascination with astrology. We created our birth charts and used Chani’s book as a guide to not only learn more about ourselves but also become more familiar with each other and what the stars held for us. Kailer’s sun is in Cancer and the ruling planet for Cancer is the Moon!”

Washington DC LGBTQ Wedding Photographer, lisa rhinehart, captures this warm yellow orange image of the couple embracing each other in the woods as the golden sun sets behind them

OUR Brandi Carlisle Connection 🙂

Oh my goodness did the stars align here– I literally thought I was dreaming!  Knowing that I am a fellow Brandi Carlisle fan, Kailer and Jayleen texted me about a concert in Washington DC, where Brandi would be playing.  The text explained that the concert was *tonight*, two hours from my house, and with my other favorite Band (Lucius), opening for Brandi Carlisle!!   There were still tickets remaining, and they were only $20, and really good seats!  Unreal!!

It was also on my way home from the wedding, and where I’d turn off to go to the concert was right near my friend Jen’s house.  (Jen is another Brandi super fan)– she missed seeing Brandi in Red Rocks in Colorado with me since she was pregnant.  She, being a mom of an infant, was (surprisingly) available-– it was simply amazing that she was able to come too! 

With thousands of people present at the concert, I never thought I’d find Kailer or Jayleen but they were seated directly behind Jen and I.  That gave me the incredible opportunity to catch them enjoying Brandi’s “The Story” together (for a third time)!  First was their walk down the aisle second was their first dance!  When she played that song, I immediately looked back at them and they were singing to each other!

LGBTQ Wedding Photographer, lisa rhinehart, captures this creative and vibrant image of the couple as they stand in the woods smiling at each other surrounded by the trees and nature with the sun setting behind them

They share, “We have the perfect quote for this!!! It’s our favorite lines from Brandi Carlile’s “I Belong to You.”

“I’m gonna die the exact same day as you

On the Golden Gate Bridge

I’ll hold your hand

And howl at the moon

Scrape the sky with tired eyes

And I will come find you

And I ain’t scared

Because I’m never gonna miss you”

image of the moon as it comes up between the fall trees with a vibrant blue, purple sky at kings gap mansion

Thank you, Kailer & Jayleen

Kailer and Jayleen, what I pleasure it has been to get to know both of you!  You are two of the most loving, kind, and authentic individuals I’ve met and I am so very grateful to have our paths cross in such incredible ways!  I am grateful to have been there to capture such important parts of your lives and hope to be there for more of them!

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