Creative Harrisburg Photography: Kim

Creativity, color, and authenticity flow as Kim’s dogs pull her through a yoga class (on roller skates!) during this creative Harrisburg photography session!

Fun, creative, vibrant image of this senior in her rollerskates with her big fluffy dog during this Creative Harrisburg Photography session

Image of this creative senior with her arm over her head and the bright vibrant yellow sun setting behind her during this riverfront portrait session

vibrant, colorful image of this senior as she stands in front of a colorful butterfly mural in downtown Harrisburg during this Creative Harrisburg Photography session

Why Rhinehart Photography?

Kim shares, “I was interested in having portraits taken to mark the end of a significant milestone in my life, and I immediately thought of Lisa for her impressive portfolio of work. She has photographed several of my friends and peers, and I’ve followed her work for the past four years as I’ve begun to practice my own photography.”

She continues, “In some of my undergraduate photography classes, we studied her work as we learned new skills and techniques for ourselves. We often discussed how her composition, use of color, and attention to detail make her the amazing photographer that she is. We even got to meet her as a guest speaker in one of our classes, which was one of my most rewarding experiences from studying at Ship.”

Kim adds, “Through the years of watching her work, I’ve come to know her as a photographer like no other. She channels an impressive amount of control and skill through a unique and creative eye while establishing an intimate but safe space for her subjects to freely be themselves. Even though I had a lot of anxiety going into my first-ever photoshoot, I immediately felt at peace with Lisa. She knew exactly how to make my authentic self shine through her photos. I’ve never met someone who has brought me out of my shell so quickly and instilled in me the confidence I need to be the goofy, fun, and creative person I am. I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to have been my photographer.”

traditional portrait of this senior with her two dogs on the sidewalk as they explore the colorful downtown harrisburg

creative, reflection black and white image of this artist as she explores and creates in harrisburg

Artistic Portraits for the Artist

Kim shares, “Expressing myself through my artwork and clothing has always made me happy. I feel like you can tell a lot about a person through the things they create and wear, and I love supporting other creative artists because those are my people! Over the years, I have surrounded myself with so many amazing individuals who share similar passions for putting creativity and light out into the world. I think the artist community heals the world together, and I want to be a part of it.”

She continues, “For my session, I wanted to go for a 90’s vibe, so I took my style inspiration from my all-time favorite movie, Benny and Joon. I’m lowkey obsessed with the film because of its killer soundtrack and the fact that Joon is also a quirky artist with a cutesy fashion sense. When I went thrifting and found the floral button-down dress I wore for the shoot, it reminded me of the dresses Mary Stuart Masterson wore in the movie, so I knew I had to wear it. The only thing I didn’t love about the dress was the off-white color, so I went to the store to get blue and purple dye and dyed the dress in my bathtub. I wanted to keep with the artsy 90s theme for my second outfit, so I went with tie-dye overalls I got from the Hip Gypsy Emporium in Chambersburg (one of my all-time favorite stores). I love making my clothes and art colorful because it represents how vibrant I feel on the inside.” 

Kim says, “I also really wanted to go for an artsy vibe with my shoot. I loved having my photos taken with one of my favorite self-portrait drawings that I made in chalk because it felt like looking into a reflection of my past self. Lisa was so creative about how she shot the photos of my art, and I feel like she really brought out the dimension and color layering I try to achieve when I draw with chalk. Playing around with so many different color combinations in one shoot was so much fun. 

image of this artist as she creates and draws a self portrait during this Creative Harrisburg Photography session

fun, unique image of a harrisburg artist as she is surrounded by chalk and smiling during this Creative Harrisburg Photography session

this Creative Harrisburg Photography session features this colorful reflective image of an artist and her artwork

vibrant, coloful image of the artist's chalk against her colorful tie dye dress during this downtown riverfront portrait session

Vibrant Harrisburg Photographer

Kim says, “I have loved the Midtown Scholar Bookstore since I was a teenager, and when I thought of ways to represent my love of writing and reading, the area instantly came to mind as a location for my creative Harrisburg photography shoot. Beyond representing my interests in writing and reading, I’ve always felt that Harrisburg was tied to a sense of growth and coming-of-age within myself because when I first learned how to drive, my first ever “road trip” was to the bookstore and the riverfront.

She continues, “There is also an atmosphere that feels very supportive of music and the arts, which I really value about the city. Whenever I visit, I love to look at all of the incredible murals that paint the streets. Ryan Spahr painted the mural I chose for my shoot, and I picked their artwork because I felt the wings and vibrant colors were representative of me taking flight into the next chapter of my life. The riverfront is also such a lovely spot for walking and biking, so I knew I wanted to try rollerskating by the water. It was an added bonus that a yoga group was in session right where I was skating!” 

fun, colorful image of this artist as she explores the colorful vibrant downtown buildings in Harrisburg for this senior portrait session

colorful, traditional portrait of this artist in her floral dress in front of a hot pink door

Dogs (Furry Family Members)

Kim smiles, “My dogs are my family, which made the pictures with them extra special to me. I always consider Peanut and Louie to be my distinguished little gentlemen, and I don’t know what I would do without them. Peanut has been with me throughout high school and college and is 100% my partner in crime. Our favorite activities are going for walks and rollerskating together, which was so fun to have Lisa capture in our shoot. Louie’s favorite activity is cuddling and giving me kisses 24/7, and he also has a pretty intense obsession with peanut butter haha!”

image of this senior walking her two dogs down the streets of harrisburg

fun, playful image of this creative artist getting kisses from her dog during this Harrisburg portrait session

image of this senior walking her dog down the sidewalk as the sun sets and captures their shadows on the wall

fun, playful image of the artist as she blows kisses towards her dog during this portrait session


Kim says, “I first got invested in reading and writing in middle school when I discovered young adult novels. One of my favorite books was The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and as I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to appreciate the book even more. I like to read books that make me feel deeply alive; this one always seems to hit the sweet spot in my heart. It has always resonated with me as a “coming of age” story that has comforted me as I have navigated many new chapters of my own life. One of my favorite quotes from the book is, “We can’t choose where we come from, but we can choose where we go from there.” I always try to live with a similar mentality because I feel I always have room to grow and change myself for the better.” 

traditional portrait of this senior as she explores midtown scholar bookstore in her vibrant floral dress during this creative portrait session

this Creative Harrisburg Photography session features this unique reflective image of this artistic senior as she explores this midtown scholar bookstore

traditional portrait of this senior as she sits amongst the bookshelves during this Creative Harrisburg Photography session

black and white image of this artists feet and her backpack during this senior portrait shoot

image of this senior with her arms propped up against her face as she smiles down at her vibrant floral dress

creative, unique black and white reflective image of this artist as she explores the midtown scholar bookstore during this Creative Harrisburg Photography session

Photographer, Musician & Artist

Kim smiles, “I loved that I got to incorporate my ukulele into our creative Harrisburg photography shoot because even though I’m a pretty bad ukulele player, it brings me a lot of joy to play it, and it is one of the first instruments I ever bought for myself. I also incorporated my drawing skills into the photos since I’ve practiced my art much more than my music skills as an art major. However, being able to experience and enjoy both is very important to me. I think there is an art to being skilled and well-versed in your craft, but there is also an art to being “bad” at things that not everyone appreciates. I like to do things for the imperfect human experience of simply enjoying them. As I shift into my master’s in counseling program in the Spring, I want to incorporate art experiences into my therapy practices that emphasize this mentality of creating for enjoyment, not perfection. The imperfect nature of humanness makes us alive and beautiful, and I want to share that feeling of beauty with others.” 

black and white image of this creative senior holding her camera and smiling at the camera

fun, playful image of this senior as she plays around in the grass in downtown Harrisburg

close up image of this artistic senior as she plays an instrument during her creative portrait session

Roller Skating with her Pups

Kim laughs, “When I talked to Lisa about rollerskating with my dogs, we never expected a whole yoga group to be in session right where we were doing our shoot, and it was so much fun to crash the class! I felt like there were so many good vibes all around, and everything was very peaceful. We even had a bit of a rollerskating mishap because Peanut saw another dog, but everyone was so kind about it and laughed it off.” 

vibrant image of this fun portrait session as this senior laces up her colorful rollerskates with her dogs

motion blur image of this creative senior as she skates with her dog down the road during this Creative Harrisburg Photography session

fun image of this senior as she skates away with her dog in the middle of an outdoor yoga class during this Creative Harrisburg Photography session

Overall Thoughts

Kim shares, “One of my favorite parts of my session with Lisa is how she captured both my introverted and outgoing sides. I classify myself as an extroverted introvert; it takes me some time to come out of my shell, but I do so with confidence and sure-footedness when I do.”

She adds, “In my creative Harrisburg photography session, I really wanted to capture the self-growth I have achieved over the years and the strength I’ve built along the way. Also, I wanted to capture some of my goofiness and creativity, two of my favorite qualities within myself. I loved that Lisa captured all of these qualities alongside some of my many interests and hobbies. I like to fill my time with quiet activities, like drawing, reading, and writing, but I like to balance those activities with more active hobbies. Roller skating and photography have been helping me find that balance because they give me fun new ways to experience the world.

She smiles, “I am always open to exploring new places and things, and I am the type of person to try everything at least once. As an artist, I think the desire for risk-taking and curiosity to experience everything just comes naturally.” 

golden hour image of this artist as she walks along the riverfront in Harrisburg

vibrant colorful image of the sun setting as this artistic senior walks along the riverfront during this Creative Harrisburg Photography session

black and white image this senior with her arm over her head as the sun sets behind her during this Creative Harrisburg Photography session

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