Every image has a story to tell… a few love stories

While I am absolutely in awe of beauty, light and color; beyond all of that, I am drawn to people.  I *love* people– I enjoy getting to know each of my clients– their interests, their history, their personalities, what they love most about each other.  At the end of it all, capturing their unique story in a visual way is my passion.  My photography is personal, thoughtful and eclectic.
It is my hope that these photos will give couples a “return ticket” to these moments and memories, and will in a way, immortalize their story and their relationships while also being beautiful pieces of art.  Wow, that just got deep, hahaha.  Anyway, here are just  a few images that I captured recently and the stories behind them.
They lived 800 miles apart and would “meet in the middle” at a coffee shop… more of their story here
Anticipation– The moment the limo arrived at her parent’s home.  Nancy was thinking about how close she is to finally seeing and marrying Kevin…   More herevibrant-personal-creative-storytelling-unique-wedding-photographer-9
Wheat pennies in memory of a loving father who was recently lost his life in a tragic accident… More here vibrant-personal-creative-storytelling-unique-wedding-photographer-4
The prayers of friends– Tina’s bridesmaids praying for her before she walks down the aisle…  More here vibrant-personal-creative-storytelling-unique-wedding-photographer-5
Bridal Transformation-  I wanted to give Lauren her privacy while capturing that transformative moment when she put on her wedding gown…  More here   vibrant-personal-creative-storytelling-unique-wedding-photographer-6
A beach wedding that has been over *FIFTY YEARS* in the making– seriously what an inspiring story involving this couple’s grandfathers!!!     More here vibrant-personal-creative-storytelling-unique-wedding-photographer-7
Elopement under the stars: a couple that decided to tie the knot in a planetarium before his Air Force move…  more here vibrant-personal-creative-storytelling-unique-wedding-photographer-8
Colorful dance lessons for the ring bearer from his uncle, coaxing him to bust-a-move… more herevibrant-personal-creative-storytelling-unique-wedding-photographer-3Pete’s proposal involved observatory binoculars and a sign held by friends half a mile away…  more here  vibrant-personal-creative-storytelling-unique-wedding-photographer-10
The 50 yard line– a one-in-a-lifetime experience for these Raven’s fans… more here  vibrant-personal-creative-storytelling-unique-wedding-photographer-11
A soul mate from 8,000 miles away– Jessica grew up in rural Pennsylvania and married a bright young man from India.  Here she looks into the mirror while several ornamented hands prepare her in traditional Indian wedding attire…  More here vibrant-personal-creative-storytelling-unique-wedding-photographer-12
Jessica & Devon love Disney World, when I saw this forest I knew a “farytale moment” would be the perfect ending to their wedding album… more herevibrant-personal-creative-storytelling-unique-wedding-photographer-15
Defying Gravity: I wanted to show off Kyle & Kaylan’s playful, quirky sides!   Kyle helps Kaylan to take life less seriously, this photo shows the couple basically walking on air under Kyles lead, More here
Carnegie Institution of Washington DC Wedding Photographer (23)This fire chief proposed sky-high in the moonlit bucket of his firetruck… more of their story herevibrant-personal-creative-storytelling-unique-wedding-photographer-2
Nick is a talented musician and has played at this pub and many others, these are the same friends who have supported him, coming out to see his shows for many years, toasting on his wedding day… more here 
Throwing *apples* during a relaxed, beautifully styled backyard farm wedding– more herevibrant-personal-creative-storytelling-unique-wedding-photographer-13
The minister told the bride and groom to make sure to “take time to smell the roses,” Morgan didn’t waste any time, haha 🙂
It all started with a camp fire for these summer camp sweethearts, what a perfect ending to their wedding day… more here
Loving words from a mother to her daughters before this soft, romantic beach wedding…  more here
The singing groom– one of their first connections as a couple was their shared love for the Beatles.  Here Matt is singing the Beatles song, “Michelle” to Michelle during their first dance… more here
Meet Grover, the kitten Jen rescued 2 years ago on the day she met her fiance, Matt.  Here she holds him and shows him her wedding dress… more here 
Her dad surprised the couple and wedding guests with fireworks… more here
A real-life movie moment in a vintage theatre for this classic Hollywood fans… more here
Momma’s first selfie– this is her expression as she realized how flattering the selfie angle really is.  More here
Their first road trip was to the Baltimore aquarium, so we revisited it for their engagement session… more here
A resilient bride who is able to literally fall down on her wedding day and pick herself right back up again and a groom who is caring for her wounded hands… more here
My approach is unique and personal, it is custom-tailored to meet the individual needs of my clients.  I am passionate about photographing everyone in their best light and capturing who they are underneath it all as individuals and what matters most to them.  I hope you enjoyed this peek, these are just a few of the thousands of images that I have captured recently, there are many more amazing stories on my blog.
Thank you to my clients for letting me into their world and sharing their wedding day and stories with me.  It has been a pleasure and honor to personally get to know each one of you!  I wish you all lifetimes of joy and happiness!

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